writing a draft script


Okay. I’ve procrastinated enough. The family’s asleep and I can start work on a script for submission tomorrow. Except… I don’t quite know where to start. Writing an ‘E Entertainment’ styled video is something new to me (what happened to normal and mundane?) and before I can even begin writing the script, I need to feel the language often used in such programs. Opened up Firefox. Here we go.


Downloading videos off the net for reference. And all of them are bios of either boy bands, rock bands or erm… boy bands. Figured they’d be the juiciest reference. I’m not referring to the men, of course. Just the text! Oooh… but the Backstreet Boys have nice tats. I never knew that! Okay, concentrate. Listening to the voice-over now…


I’m bored. Reading twitter for a bit. Did you know that a woman in Japan was arrested for selling fake natural elixir as a preventative for radiation poisoning? Or that Spike Jonze directed Arcade Fire’s short film? Or that Kitty’s gonna bake Xalegria some scones? Neither did I. Back to work.


Shit. A scary kid’s voice just suddenly blared out at me, asking, ‘Can you guess?’
Forgot to close my browser and it was one of those pop-up ad. My volume was at max level. Shock turning into deep hatred for pop-up ads. Deep breaths. Keep calm. Carry on.


Introduction completed. Reading through what I wrote with aim in mind.
Goal: Funny, hilarious script.
Hurdle: I am not funny. No witticisms in sight yet.
Dear God, help me.
Moving on to the second part of story.


Received news alert from CNN: Forces loyal to incumbent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo agree to ceasefire.
Waitaminute. Didn’t I just sign a contract that declared me the incumbent? What in the world does that word mean??

Twitter time. Word on the street is an interesting blog made up of interviews with random people.
Oh! And if you like Radiohead, here’s them covering Neil Young’s music.
Sent email to husband who is just in the next room, as we’re discussing iPhone photo apps.
Too lazy to walk over. Besides, I’m doing work.


Alright. Finished the second part of the story. On to the finale. Doing faster than I expected because I gave up being funny. Figured I could work on those aspects tomorrow. Tonight, I just need to get the framework out.


Crap. Went back to check the notes from our brainstorming session and realized that while I got the gist of the storyline, important elements were left out. I got too caught up in the bio stories I’d been watching. (sigh) Back to the top people.


Just received an email from my pregnant colleague, who’s assisting with the production of this video. What’s she doing up so late? Replied her with the message, ‘Babe, go to sleep‘. I think we’re one of the only people I know who constantly tell each other to go home, go to sleep, stop working…

Is that good or bad?


Haha! I was right. Colleague just emailed me back to tell me to sleep.


Outline of script COMPLETED.
It still needs a lot of work but hey, I did something tonight.
Tomorrow, the finer details & storyboarding. Then it’s on to the shot list & shooting schedule.

But for now, good night world. I’m out.