writing a draft script


Okay. I’ve procrastinated enough. The family’s asleep and I can start work on a script for submission tomorrow. Except… I don’t quite know where to start. Writing an ‘E Entertainment’ styled video is something new to me (what happened to normal and mundane?) and before I can even begin writing the script, I need to feel the language often used in such programs. Opened up Firefox. Here we go.


Downloading videos off the net for reference. And all of them are bios of either boy bands, rock bands or erm… boy bands. Figured they’d be the juiciest reference. I’m not referring to the men, of course. Just the text! Oooh… but the Backstreet Boys have nice tats. I never knew that! Okay, concentrate. Listening to the voice-over now…


I’m bored. Reading twitter for a bit. Did you know that a woman in Japan was arrested for selling fake natural elixir as a preventative for radiation poisoning? Or that Spike Jonze directed Arcade Fire’s short film? Or that Kitty’s gonna bake Xalegria some scones? Neither did I. Back to work.


Shit. A scary kid’s voice just suddenly blared out at me, asking, ‘Can you guess?’
Forgot to close my browser and it was one of those pop-up ad. My volume was at max level. Shock turning into deep hatred for pop-up ads. Deep breaths. Keep calm. Carry on.


Introduction completed. Reading through what I wrote with aim in mind.
Goal: Funny, hilarious script.
Hurdle: I am not funny. No witticisms in sight yet.
Dear God, help me.
Moving on to the second part of story.


Received news alert from CNN: Forces loyal to incumbent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo agree to ceasefire.
Waitaminute. Didn’t I just sign a contract that declared me the incumbent? What in the world does that word mean??

Twitter time. Word on the street is an interesting blog made up of interviews with random people.
Oh! And if you like Radiohead, here’s them covering Neil Young’s music.
Sent email to husband who is just in the next room, as we’re discussing iPhone photo apps.
Too lazy to walk over. Besides, I’m doing work.


Alright. Finished the second part of the story. On to the finale. Doing faster than I expected because I gave up being funny. Figured I could work on those aspects tomorrow. Tonight, I just need to get the framework out.


Crap. Went back to check the notes from our brainstorming session and realized that while I got the gist of the storyline, important elements were left out. I got too caught up in the bio stories I’d been watching. (sigh) Back to the top people.


Just received an email from my pregnant colleague, who’s assisting with the production of this video. What’s she doing up so late? Replied her with the message, ‘Babe, go to sleep‘. I think we’re one of the only people I know who constantly tell each other to go home, go to sleep, stop working…

Is that good or bad?


Haha! I was right. Colleague just emailed me back to tell me to sleep.


Outline of script COMPLETED.
It still needs a lot of work but hey, I did something tonight.
Tomorrow, the finer details & storyboarding. Then it’s on to the shot list & shooting schedule.

But for now, good night world. I’m out.

shuffle 25

This is going to be self-indulgent. But then, when is a post here not?

So here goes.

Inspired by a friend’s post, I put my iPod on shuffle mode and patiently listed out the first 25 tracks that came on. The Hubby has always gone on about how playing music on shuffle is the best way to explore your own person music archive but I never did listen to him. I’m quite particular about what I wanted to hear, depending on my mood and what I’m doing then. But! I have to admit… this little exercise brought back some interest in the other 75 gigabytes of music that I don’t regularly listen to, but happily tote around with me every single day of my life.

That said… here’s my 25 tracks. And the thoughts that went through my head as I listened to them.

01. River by Madeleine Peyroux (oooh, nice. Why haven’t I been picking this album out to listen to? It’s almost perfect in every way for my midnight time alone…)

02. Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead (classic band alert)

03. Space by Spiritualized (another amazing band. Grew up listening to them… still do actually… erm, both the growing up and listening…)

04. There’s No Home For You Here by The White Stripes (listened for a while, then promptly forgot… sorry White Stripes fans)

05. I’ll Be Your Pot Of Coffee by David Knight

06. The Love Of Richard Nixon by Manic Street Preachers (who could forget this early punk band? Taboo album titles, a missing member… just another band whose every album I owned with such pride back then)

07. Voicething by Goldfrapp (I enjoy listening to them while running. Hmm…)

08. High & Dry by Jamie Cullum (which is actually a cover of Radiohead’s classic)

09. Ladies Of The New Century by Mum (a band the Hubby introduced, which I fell in love with)

10. Robot by The Futureheads (I be honest… I not listened to them… yet)

11. The Best Of My Love by the Eagles (vintage no? What does that say about me?)

12. The Hollow Earth by Thom Yorke (my love and passion for Radiohead is showing a little too much)

13. Laid by 1969 (cover of a James’ classic, and a band that refired 2009 for me, reminding me to live with a little passion)

14. Polmont On My Mind by Glasvegas (a band, which if you haven’t listened to yet, you must! Worth your ear-time. And the gorgeous internet landing page is beautiful…)

15. Helter Skelter by U2 (classic cover by a classic band of another iconic group – the Beatles)

16. Bird Song Intro by Florence & The Machines (barely a song really, at 1:42 seconds… loved watching this band live)

17. Know Who You Are At Every Age by Cocteau Twins (gosh… we’re really going down memory lane here. This band accompanied me throughout my teenage years… I remember smoke-lit nights writing and listening to their music)

18. Fragments by Manic Street Preachers (I’m starting to see a pattern here… with the music that I have in my iPod)

19. Lasted In Different View by Yasushi Yoshida (beautiful instrumental music, fanstastic for late night pondering)

20. In The City by the Eagles (oddly, I hardly listen to this band much now. Maybe it’s a sign)

21. Halo/Walking On Sunshine by the Glee Cast (embarrassing… I am a closet Glee fan. I can’t help it. I love watching how they do the covers and mash-ups. No excuses…)

22. Don’t Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed by Mum

23. Amsterdam by Coldplay (needs no introduction, really)

24. Catastrophe And The Cure by Explosions In The Sky (one of the ultimate bands to watch live. Ever. I love.adore. them and am weirdly thrilled I’m nearly ending the list with this spectacular track)

25. A Three-Legged Workhorse by This Will Destroy You (another awesome track, awesome band… and awesome way to to end this very dull and inconsequential list)


Coolest bit to this entire exercise? I’ve begun listening to my iPod on shuffle. It’s… liberating. And just like watching MTV, I hang around waiting to see what pops up next. A little rainbow moment in my constant colour-shifting world.

So what is your shuffle 25?

covers – doing the done, different

I love hearing how a song has affected a person. When I hear others describe tunes, it widens my perspective on songs that I’d heard so many times over and yet, understood them in only one way. And when a band does a good cover, it provokes thought.

Here are some of my favourite songs. All of them are covers. All of them are fresh in perspective. I sincerely hope you like these versions as much as I do.

We’re Not Gonna Take It – Hellsongs

Originally by the Twisted Sister, Hellsongs – a Swedish acoustic cover band – changed the entire feel of this tune by making it more introspective.  A little like what one would do if you took the lyrics and meditated on them over a cup of coffee. It’s been stripped of it’s metal roots and made all indie.

Creep – Damien Rice

I cannot gush over this enough. Firstly, it’s a tune by Radiohead! Secondly, Damien Rice, with his tender, wretched emotions takes the raw quality of the original and brings it to the place where you feel you can take the blade to your wrists. Lovely.

Iron Man – Four Tet

Again, another hard rock/heavy metal tune but this time, gone electronic. Play it loud while driving. It rocks in a whole new different dimension – one where the famous guitar riffs by Black Sabbath are shredded apart, downplayed and made thick and delicious by Four Tet. Even without words, this track never loses its momentum.

Oops I Did It Again – Fuck

This track was handed to me by the Husband and while I hummed the original by Britney Spears (albeit unwillingly, but what can you do when a catchy song rings in your head?), the band Fuck (I hope I got the right band linked here) made the song terribly mournful and dismal. For once I could connect with the lyrics. Weird. But good.

Street Spirit – The Darkness

Another classic Radiohead song, here, The Darkness amps it up with wailing guitars, screeching voices and metalli-fies what was once already an excellent track. Good gone a different way. Rocking harder is all.

Time permits me to post up only 5 tracks this time. If you want more, do let me know and I’ll try to post more in the future.

sound fragment (china)


I do not understand the Mandarin language. I therefore do not understand what Sound Fragment‘s lyrics are about. I depend heavily on the translation of their track titles, however, it could be precisely due to my lack of understanding that the music is so darn enjoyable. I don’t get distracted by the words and the vocals + music then take centrestage, which is deserving of the limelight. A lot of what you listen to is left up to your interpretation.

The Husband’s friend returned from his trip to China last year and managed to get this album there. None of us had heard of Sound Fragment till then, which is a pity. Because Sound Fragment is polished in their crafting of melody lines (I’m a sucker for good melodies and lyrics) and manages to fit into any mood I’m in. A little like why I liked Cocteau Twins so much in my growing years.

It’s the third release from the Chinese band and to put it simply, Ma Yulong (vocals + guitar) sounds a whole lot like Guy Garvey (Elbow) & Thom Yorke (Radiohead) combined. Their music is more similar to Elbow’s though. They were once described as the Chinese Radiohead and often times were compared to bands like Coldplay. Take a listen and form your own conclusions. I’m rooting for them to make it big in the English market because darn it, they deserve the recognition.

Stick Together

The Morning of a Foreign City