till dusk


My favourite time of the day is dusk. It belongs entirely to me. It speaks of endings and new beginnings. It’s grey. It’s perfect. Here are a few songs compiled again by The Husband and I play this often on loop while I write. It’s the soundtrack to my thoughts on many occasions and I hope you’ll find it great for you too. A fellow writer actually played this on his road trip across the States and found it a great counterpoint to the monotonous drone of the engine.

Till Dusk

01. M83 – You, Appearing / Kim & Jessie
02. Primal Scream – Autobahn 66
03. Mute Math – Peculiar People
04. Caspian – Loft
05. Helios – Sons Of Light & Darkness

Individually, these bands are worth taking a listen to if you like music that works as a soundtrack to quiet thoughtful moments. The use of intruments are akin to voices, painting colours across your canvas of thoughts. M83 has already had some success with Saturdays = Youth while Primal Scream is just a classic in my growing up years. I cannot gush more about MuteMath and while some get distracted by the fact that these guys are Christian, give them a break, they are awesomely mathematical in measuring space, vocals and tight instrumentation. What is amazing is that they can perform the same tracks live with no discount. If in doubt, try to lay your hands on their live performance of Stall Out. It’s heartrending.

Those who love post-rock but want something quieter really need to explore Caspian and Helios. They employ more digital sounds and effects, not losing the organic touch with piano moments.

I suck at giving album reviews so to avoid giving more inane comments, I’ll stop here.

These are just some of my favourite bands. They stuck with me through a tumultous 2008 and hopefully, will soundtrack your 2009.