rest & inspiration in videoland

Signs that I’m relaxing again:

  1. I start to care about how my nails look.
  2. I enter my Google Reader to plough through hundreds of posts from my favourite sites.
  3. I hang out with friends without worrying about work. Or talking about work. Or thinking about work. Or working.
  4. I watch YouTube videos.
  5. I laugh. A lot.

Today was one of those days, and considering it was a full-day rehearsal where a key dancer fell sick, another bumped her head and ended up looking like a Star Trek cast member, the lights design was wrong, wrong, wrong, and a pair of pants got torn… well, being relaxed amidst all that was a very surreal experience.

‘I’m not used to this,’ I confided to Ms Hoppy, the dance choreographer. ‘I almost never have time during event rehearsals to have lunch with anyone.’

‘Yeah! I noticed that. What happened?’ she asked.

‘Well… I’ve been banned from entering the main stage area,’ I chuckled. ‘We’re training Jap Girl to helm productions and if I’m around, I get in the way of her learning.’

‘Now who was it who once told me to get out of the way?’ Ms Hoppy giggled. She was referring to a particular talk we both had a few months earlier. Back then, she had already resigned from leading her old dance crew, but found herself needing to step in again and again to ‘help’ as no one seemed able to rise up and lead.

‘What should I do? There doesn’t seem to be anyone around who’s capable of doing the job!’ she’d whined to me.

‘Well, maybe it’s because you’re standing at the door, refusing to leave, and blocking the way for someone new to come in,’ I’d told her then. ‘I know it’s love and concern that makes you want to help them do a good job, but sometimes, you need to let go. Just walk away.’

She took my advice and made a clean break… only to see a new leader rise up a mere few weeks later.

‘Yeah… I am letting go.’ I smiled. ‘But feeling this free after so many weeks of intense preparation just feels alien.’

‘Alien maybe. But good, no?’ Ms Hoppy giggled again. I couldn’t help but agree, as we walked away from the venue to get my laptop. We were going to watch YouTube videos.


After a night of laughter, here are some of the videos that I thoroughly enjoyed. Some are just inspiring. Some, hilarious. And others… old, but good. And just in case anyone out there needs a good break, I thought I’d post a few of my favourites for your viewing pleasure.

Drummer At The Wrong Gig

This chap is just skilled to the bone. And you can tell that his performance is well choreographed because damn… he doesn’t miss a beat. Gold jackets, old dudes, an even older song and a passionate drummer who just does it for himself, you’re going to enjoy this because he is enjoying it to the core.

George Mason University’s Green Machine

I dislike school band music. Sorry! But it’s all too noisy and blah for my taste. Watching this school band cover Rage Against The Machine changed my mind about that though. And if school can inspire my future teenage kids to rock the flute like the girl in red… then darn it! I’m signing them up.

PS22 Chorus

I was in the school choir. But shit, it was never this cool. Watch these adorable kids sing their hearts out as they cover Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. I mean, they are seriously digging their repertoire… wish I had their teacher.

11-year old boy covers Lady Gaga

This though, was the performance of the night for me. I was in awe of his voice, his arrangement and how so much talent could be found in someone so young.


I go to bed tonight with just one thought:

All it takes to change the course of a person’s future, is that one teacher who inspires because he himself, is inspired.

May we all live lives that inspire too.