getting ready for Nepal

Status: Officially freaking out

It’s less than eight days before I leave for Nepal and I’m not packed, immunized nor ready. In sheer terror, I pulled out an old email from Spike, which he’d kindly sent to me because he felt that I needed ‘help’.

Things to pack (a list courtesy of Spike, who’s leaving for Nepal ahead of me):

01. Duffel bag (with lockable zips) – borrowed
02. Backpack – to borrow from Cutesy?
03. Daypack – I’m confused. What’s the difference between that and a backpack?
04. Rain covers for backpack and daypack – black garbage bags work, no?
05. Sleeping bag – to buy in Nepal
06. Sleeping bag liner – to buy in Nepal
07. Trekking poles – they cost so much! *argh* I wonder if wooden branches work well?
08. Hiking boots – just got them from North Face
09. Sock liners – do I really need them? Maybe I’ll buy a pair. Just in case.
10. Woolen socks (3 pairs) – more money *sob*
11. Normal shoes – wait. Aren’t trekking shoes ‘normal shoes’?
12. Slippers/scandals – Spike’s typo. I have both. *mad laugh*
13. Glove liner – huh?
14. Glove (breathable) – again, I’ll need to buy a pair. My suede ones are too pretty.
15. Undergarments (quick dry) – umm…
16. Thermals (2 sets) – finally! Something I already have!
17. Trekking trousers – to borrow from Cutesy. Darn it. I think she’s a size smaller than me.
18. Rain trousers – wait, wait, wait! If it rains… do I change mid-way up the mountain?
19. Shorts – got it!
20. Fleece pants – can thermals work underneath normal trekking pants?
21. Fleece jacket – to buy in Nepal
22. Wind/Rain jacket – I’ll carry an umbrella. Or wear garbage bags. I’m serious.
23. Beanie – need to find the one I wore when I traveled to Israel…
24. Wide brim hat – ooh nice. Finally. A possible fashion statement.
25. Scarf – I got plenty!
26. Sunglasses – *sob* Another purchase to make. I don’t usually wear wraparounds.
27. Pocket knife – beg, borrow or steal
28. Torch light – to buy tomorrow, maybe
29. Head torch – funny as it may seem, these come in handy for midnight toilet trips.
30. Batteries – for torchlight, camera, and whatever else electrical I’m bringing
31. Towel (quick dry) – to buy tomorrow, maybe
32. Toilet paper/Wet wipes – I’ll carry loads. I’m considering less bathing, more wiping…
33. Talcum powder/prickly heat – I’ll get them tomorrow! To the pharmacy!
34. Hand sanitizers (some swear by this to avoid diahoerra) – got bottles at home. *whee*
35. No rinse (body wash and shampoo) – dry shampoo I have. But body wash? Isn’t that what talcum powder is for?
36. Moisturizer – got loads! Rosken. Amazing stuff.
37. Toothbrush/Toothpaste – finally, we’re coming to the part of the list that I am prepared for.
38. Lip balm – Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip balm. One of the best!
39. Sunscreen – got it!
40. Insect repellent – will it work? Or are the insects there somehow, immune to the repellent?
41. Lighter – friend should have these. She smokes.
42. Mirror – who’s gonna see me? I’m lying. I know I’ll still be vain up there…
43. Water purification tablets – alright, the list is changing. Now it’s stuff I need to get tomorrow.
44. Diahoerra pills – Spike has very interesting spelling…
45. Hydration salts – to the pharmacy I go!
46. Vitamin pills – always packed, always ready.
47. Panadol – ditto
48. Blister kit – what is a blister kit? Plaster?
49. Nail clipper – doesn’t higher altitude stump nail growth or something?
50. Tweezer – eyebrows? Splinters?
51. Ear plugs – what for?! In case my friend snores?
52. Travel adaptor and device chargers – definite must. Although electricity up there is supposedly intermittent and scarce. Maybe I should pack a solar power system.

Somehow, I’ll manage to pack everything into my bag, including snacks for the needed burst of energy, and carry it all up the side of Annapurna. Right. I’m so freaking out right now.


On a happier note, I met Flex today for another session at the gym and nearly cried each time he told me to do another set of exercises for my legs and butt.

‘Are… you… mad?!’ I managed to pant out, as he took a heavier set of weights for me to lunge with.

‘Yes! You can do it!’ He very cheerfully bellowed in the near-empty gym.

‘Dammit Flex, the exercises are tough!’ I bellowed back. Just for fun.

‘No, it’s not tough. You’re tough! You can do it,’ He chided me.

‘What was that?’ I looked at him in horror. ‘You get those lines out of a PT manual?’

He laughed and handed me the weights, nearly causing me to keel over.

‘Tell me I’m improving,’ I begged as I hoisted the barbells above my shoulders.

‘Yes, you are. You know… you’re actually quite strong,’ he said, ‘as if you’ve done all this before.’

A little encouragement. That was all I needed. And I finished my set without further cussing. And like a good girl, came home with very sore and aching muscles.


So. I still have to manage a re-write of the article I handed in last week. Then there’s shopping and a little detour to the travel clinic for my necessary jabs. There are also some urgent house matters to finish and more work for upcoming events. Then… I’m off.

I may need a holiday after this holiday, to recuperate.

‘Do you feel guilty that you’re going off amidst all this?’ The Mother asked me a few minutes ago.

‘Well, yeah,’ I admitted to her. It is hard to up and leave when I know people are depending on me for work and family matters.

‘Don’t feel that way,’ she said. ‘It’s been more than 11 years since you took such a break and coming from me, I’m happy you’re doing this for yourself.’

‘Really? You’re actually happy I’m going off for no real reason? I mean… there’s no necessity in this trip,’ I was a little surprised.

‘Yes, I think it’s time you took a break and lived a little,’ she smiled as she hugged me tight.

‘Thanks… I needed to hear that,’ I said.

So Nepal, are you ready for me?