cat dreaming

I should be sleeping right now.

The next three weeks is going to be the culmination of a massive project that has taken almost nine months to build, create and stage. But less of that. And more of what I want to do with the time right after – yes, the idea of freedom has finally made me pause, think and dream.

First thing on my list of to-do’s?

To wake up, stretch… and stay in bed for the next few hours without worrying if I’d missed an email, call, text or whatever.

Next, have a cup of coffee and some rich chocolate biscuits, laze on the couch, read… till I fall asleep again.

Maybe after that, I’ll find the energy to finally exercise, something I’ve missed doing for a looooooong time.  I know The Mother used to be an expert at yoga. She could teach me. Well, if she could get off the couch too.

A long bath seems perfect, after this. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I took a really long bath. These days, it’s all about hopping in, washing and scrubbing and hopping out, rushing either to get out of the house (because I woke up late) or to get into bed (because I need my sleep).

And then back on the couch again (or the Mother’s bed) to watch one of her many DVDs. She recently begun watching Korean dramas, and while I can’t quite get into them yet, I understand why she likes them. There’s a good mix of humour, warmth and good old fashioned romance in their shows. Or I could convince her that The Walking Dead is fantastic telly. I wonder if she’ll believe me.

Finally, it’s off to bed again, after such an activity-filled day. I wonder what I’ll dream of then, with a day so packed. Seriously though, it’ll be a treat not dreaming about work, because they’ve begun invading my nights. Gah!

Only three more weeks to go.

I can’t wait.

“Books. Cats. Life is good.”

– Edward Gorey




If there’s one thing I can trust the Husband to do, it’s to send me inspirational quotes and pictures when he thinks I need a little break.

‘How do you manage to stay creative when your day is filled with so much to do?’ I asked Queen Keys.

‘The funny thing is, I think I get more brilliant ideas when I’m under pressure,’ she replied.

‘Ah… but you’ve never hit that moment when there’s absolutely nothing in your mind?’

‘I do. That’s when I take a break and walk around…’ she said.

‘I get the munchies.’

‘You too?!?!?’

Nice to know it’s a standard pattern across the world then.


What to do with your drunk friends… if I had any. Other great pranks we used to do in the past was to draw on their face with black markers, dump them into the sea and oh… that personal favourite of the Husband’s – placing a lit cigarette between their fourth and last toe.

But of course, all those exist in distant memories now, since we’re fully-grown, matured adults, yeah?


This really beats all the cheating tactics I’ve ever tried. Now imagine what would’ve happened if the chap actually used the brains he obviously has?


Can’t comment.

Laughing too hard.


Okay. Now back to work!



funny commercials

The second clip reminded me of my father, who, in a moment of curiosity, did precisely that with my younger 6 month old sister.

‘She was wailing for your mother! I thought that would quieten her a bit!’ he said to me.

‘So how did it feel? Did it work? Did she keep quiet?’ I asked, myself curious.

‘Aah… I can’t remember anything but the pain. It was excruciating…’ he replied, wrinkling his face in distaste.

I still laugh when I think about it.