about fonts, packing and being young

I just spent an odd amount of time (2 hours) compiling a list of items that I’ll need to bring with me to Nepal. Granted, about 20 minutes of that was spent formatting a document that only I will ever read but what the heck, it makes me happy. I’m still looking for the perfect font to rule my world though.

2009 was Georgia.
2010 was Calibri.
Unfortunately, Helvetica never impacted me much. My apologies to all designers out there.

But back to packing. Rule that Curious Penguin gave me? Don’t bring anything that has less than 2 uses for it. That wasn’t a problem. What bugged me the most was what do I wear?

Thankfully, I tried on some of the outfits and I must say, I look good. Well, as good as a hippo wearing baggy pants can look.

In choosing clothes and shoes, I realized that there’s this odd thing about Gore-tex. It’s the magical word that makes all things good.

‘Check out my new shoes!’ I say.

‘Are they Gore-tex?’ The designer asks.

‘I managed to get some tees! And a jacket!’ I exclaim.

‘Are they Gore-tex?’ Someone else questions.

After a while, I find myself defending dear old cotton… which many deem is evil. That rules out most of my wardrobe.

Then there’s the subtle thing about brands. Heading out to buy a new pair of shades for the hike, I actually grew tired of donning so many. Oakleys just didn’t fit my face. Neither did Bolle, Ray-Bans and even Adidas. I ended up with a pair from Nike because it rested well on my face.

‘Nike?’ Scooter Girl wrinkled her nose in disgust.

‘Nike?!’ DigiBoy looked at me in horror.

Yes dear friends. Nike.

Hopefully, my Marmot backpack and jacket will redeem me from the wrath my Nike shades bring.


My mood also has been weird, fluctuating between happy, irritable and dead tired. Explains why I have been crashing into bed and now, I finally get it, the sharp thinker I am.

I need sleep.

Without proper rest, I don’t function as well as I want to. What happened to the young girl who used to party till the wee hours of morning, only to get up and head to school the next day with no side-effects whatsoever? Damn.

I’m still young. At least, I think so. Although sometimes… my body disagrees. Especially after a tough workout session with Flex, it groans like an old lady.

An old lady who tries to squeeze into pants one size too small.


‘Why are you suddenly doing all this?’ Miss Adventure asked me.

‘I don’t know… I guess I just want to do something new and different this year,’ I replied. ‘I want to know I can do this.’

‘I’m proud of you,’ she smiled in reply. ‘Next time, head to Sikkit, and the Everest Base Camp. It’s gorgeous!’

‘I will. I don’t think this will be the last of my trips…’ I answered.

And I truly believe that.

Heading out to Nepal is just the start of a brand new approach to life.

One I’m doing with a big smile on my face.