Music: Save A Prayer by Eve’s Plum

I cannot remember the last time I felt really energetic. I feel drained, a tad bit worn out and although there are moments when the excitement of a job runs through me like electricity, I am mostly weary.

Today was my day off from work but I found myself…

1. Having brunch with some lovely people where I overate. As usual.

2. Leaving them midway to head off to work to meet a friend and walk through her new role.

3. Confirming stage outfits.

4. Readjusting some appointments tomorrow to fit in a last minute meeting.

5. Answering work related text messages (darn you! mobile phones).

6. Returning to the friends & family in town for a little walk around.

7. Rushing home in time for another dinner appointment.

I must admit that a large majority of the appointments were self-inflicted. I rarely have opportunities to meet up with friends on a social basis and so, when I see a ‘free day’ in my calendar, I overestimate the number of hours in a day and try to squeeze them all in then.

Now if I am doing what I wanted to do, why do I feel so tired all the time? Is it all in the mind? I see wonderful women over-achievers, some of whom I call dear friends, and they seem happy. Their days are maxed out with meetings but they walk with such determination and I can almost see that darn spring in their step. Do they crawl in to bed at night with a sigh and groan when the alarm clock rings, like I do?

Urgh. Don’t say a prayer for me now. Save it till the morning after…

Footnote: Okay. The original rendition of Save a Prayer by Duran Duran is untouchable but Eve’s Plum managed to inject that girly element which right now… seems more apt, somehow. Could be for the simple fact that I am a girl. A very whiny girl.