tree house getaway

Taking a break to fantasize about, well… taking a break, I found a lovely hotel in Sweden to dream about. If I had a couple of thousands to spend, that is.

Conceptualized by Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter, the invisible tree house is supposed to disrupt nature in the most minimal fashion possible. Lined with mirrored glass, it gives the illusion that it’s disappeared into the forest… while granting the guest a 360 degree view from the inside.

Just like what we used to play in as children, here’s the life-sized version for adults. I wonder if they carved bookshelves out of the trunk, like what I used to imagine my tree house would have?

Getting closer to nature, let’s pretend to be birds! A hotel room all styled to look like a nest… or an unused water tank covered by vines that died. Brilliant piece of architecture really.

But for those who prefer something closer to modern society? Here’s one that looks like your apartment… minus annoying neighbours who sing drunkenly in the night. You might get some moaning, burping frogs and chirpy crickets though.


Aren’t these rooms divine?

For now… I think I’ll just have to visit these places in my dreams. But soon, real soon… I shall travel again. To the mountains. Oh how they beckon!


Does anyone else reluctantly head to bed like I do?

Does anyone else reluctantly crawl out of sleep too?

Funny then, that every single night, I stay awake till the very last moment (more specifically, when I realise that I only have four hours left till day breaks) but want to cry when the alarm goes off. I’m a great snoozer. I snooze the alarm for no less than a full hour before waking up in horror, dashing off to shower, pasting on some makeup and then, time stands still while I, half-naked, try to figure out what to wear. Time, realizing it’s been short-changed, then speeds up in a flurry while I break my promise not to take a cab to work.

It’s an endless cycle.


Maybe I really should get one of these running clocks.