rock the night in the dreaming


Some days, all it takes is for a song to define things for you.

I’ve gone through changes
I’ve gone through pain
But there’s not enough reason for me to go insane
I know the feeling, when it grows
I’m in a rage up from my head down to my toes.

You know it ain’t easy
Running out of thrills
You know it ain’t easy
When you don’t know what you want.

Rock now, rock the night
Till early in the morning light
Rock now, rock the night
You’d better believe it’s right.

I know my limit
Just what it takes
When things ain’t good enough
I just pull the brake
Sometimes it’s easy
Sometimes so tough
But just have one thing clear
I can’t get enough…

-Europe, covered by Hellsongs [listen here]

The border.

Armies fight over borders.
The writer writes within.
The doodler ignores its presence.
The children learn to respect it’s authority.
The lovers try to conquer it.

Some borders you simply can’t cross. They are too wide, too dangerous, too formidable. And that is why we dream.

People think dreams aren’t real just because they aren’t made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.
-John Dee, Preludes & Nocturnes, The Sandman.

Dreams can’t die. They fade. They return like a child’s blanket, in moments of comfort. You can try to forget dreams but somehow, they are never truly forgotten. Something will always trigger it off again. Because as long as you live, you will always remember… in the back room of your mind, behind the closed door… you once had a dream.

Tonight, I dream.

covers – doing the done, different [part 2]

If you love covers as much as I do, you can download a few tracks off my earlier post here.

I especially love it when someone takes a popular tune that I’ve grown deaf to (due to too much airplay) and turns it around to be something deeper, richer and well, worth taking a second listen to. So here’s the second instalment to my list of covers.

Pieces Of Me – Almost Better

Argh. I dislike Ashlee Simpson and will therefore do anything to avoid hearing her music. When Almost Better produced this cover, I was suddenly worried for myself. Oh god. Does this mean that I can actually identify with that girl’s music? Nah. I attribute the quiet goodness of this song to the 4-piece pop/punk band from Central NY.

Who Wants To Live Forever – Breaking Benjamin

You cannot fault Queen. They are one of the ultimate music-makers and I loved their music even more after watching We Will Rock You, the musical. Here, Breaking Benjamin, an American alternative metal band does such a darn good job on this track I almost weep. Altogether now… ‘Who wants to live forever…’

Wonderwall – Ryan Adams

This rates as one of the best covers done so far. Besides the pop culture story behind it (it was featured in an episode of O.C. which I have never watched) the song is taken away from the psuedo-swagger of Oasis and made very bittersweet. Who else better to do a song sad than an alt-country rock musician? Thank you Ryan Adams.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Tori Amos

Nirvana! Tori Amos! Eerie… and deliciously so. If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to Tori Amos (how could you?!) but you love something that makes your spine chill in the night, you should try to get your hands on her other cover of Eminem’s ’97 Bonnie & Clyde off the album Strange Little Girls. Neil Gaiman actually wrote stories to accompany each song on that album which is found in his compilation of shorts titled Smoke & Mirrors. But that’s for another day. Today, it’s ‘a mullato! An Albino! A mosquito! My libido!

And finally…

Teardrop – Elbow

The original by Massive Attack was sung by Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins. It was beautiful to begin with and really, it’s hard to compete with dreamy vocals like hers, especially since when she sings it, you really don’t know what she’s saying. Elbow‘s rendition of the same actually takes away the groovy mire set by Massive Attack and makes it into a song. For once, the lyrics stand out and guess what? The lyrics rock.

Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word
Fearless on my breath, gentle impulsion
Shakes me makes me lighter
Fearless on my breath
Teardrop on the fire
Fearless on my breath…

Ah. Realisation dawns. It was a love song.

covers – doing the done, different

I love hearing how a song has affected a person. When I hear others describe tunes, it widens my perspective on songs that I’d heard so many times over and yet, understood them in only one way. And when a band does a good cover, it provokes thought.

Here are some of my favourite songs. All of them are covers. All of them are fresh in perspective. I sincerely hope you like these versions as much as I do.

We’re Not Gonna Take It – Hellsongs

Originally by the Twisted Sister, Hellsongs – a Swedish acoustic cover band – changed the entire feel of this tune by making it more introspective.  A little like what one would do if you took the lyrics and meditated on them over a cup of coffee. It’s been stripped of it’s metal roots and made all indie.

Creep – Damien Rice

I cannot gush over this enough. Firstly, it’s a tune by Radiohead! Secondly, Damien Rice, with his tender, wretched emotions takes the raw quality of the original and brings it to the place where you feel you can take the blade to your wrists. Lovely.

Iron Man – Four Tet

Again, another hard rock/heavy metal tune but this time, gone electronic. Play it loud while driving. It rocks in a whole new different dimension – one where the famous guitar riffs by Black Sabbath are shredded apart, downplayed and made thick and delicious by Four Tet. Even without words, this track never loses its momentum.

Oops I Did It Again – Fuck

This track was handed to me by the Husband and while I hummed the original by Britney Spears (albeit unwillingly, but what can you do when a catchy song rings in your head?), the band Fuck (I hope I got the right band linked here) made the song terribly mournful and dismal. For once I could connect with the lyrics. Weird. But good.

Street Spirit – The Darkness

Another classic Radiohead song, here, The Darkness amps it up with wailing guitars, screeching voices and metalli-fies what was once already an excellent track. Good gone a different way. Rocking harder is all.

Time permits me to post up only 5 tracks this time. If you want more, do let me know and I’ll try to post more in the future.


Music: Holding Out For a Hero by Frou Frou

Loading up pictures on WordPress has taught me a few things:

1. Open multiple tabs – they take your mind off the waiting.

2. Ask yourself, do you really need that picture uploaded in the post?

3. Multi-task: I write letters, finish documents, search for nice pictures, file my nails, take a toilet break…

Someone help me! Why does it take so long to upload a picture on WordPress?

Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need
I need a hero

– Bonnie Tyler

I hope I can get this sorted. It really does throw a kink in posting up more stuff.
Come save me from this interminable wait as I strike a dramatic pose of the damsel in distress.


Music: Save A Prayer by Eve’s Plum

I cannot remember the last time I felt really energetic. I feel drained, a tad bit worn out and although there are moments when the excitement of a job runs through me like electricity, I am mostly weary.

Today was my day off from work but I found myself…

1. Having brunch with some lovely people where I overate. As usual.

2. Leaving them midway to head off to work to meet a friend and walk through her new role.

3. Confirming stage outfits.

4. Readjusting some appointments tomorrow to fit in a last minute meeting.

5. Answering work related text messages (darn you! mobile phones).

6. Returning to the friends & family in town for a little walk around.

7. Rushing home in time for another dinner appointment.

I must admit that a large majority of the appointments were self-inflicted. I rarely have opportunities to meet up with friends on a social basis and so, when I see a ‘free day’ in my calendar, I overestimate the number of hours in a day and try to squeeze them all in then.

Now if I am doing what I wanted to do, why do I feel so tired all the time? Is it all in the mind? I see wonderful women over-achievers, some of whom I call dear friends, and they seem happy. Their days are maxed out with meetings but they walk with such determination and I can almost see that darn spring in their step. Do they crawl in to bed at night with a sigh and groan when the alarm clock rings, like I do?

Urgh. Don’t say a prayer for me now. Save it till the morning after…

Footnote: Okay. The original rendition of Save a Prayer by Duran Duran is untouchable but Eve’s Plum managed to inject that girly element which right now… seems more apt, somehow. Could be for the simple fact that I am a girl. A very whiny girl.