life on the edge

copyright Dennis Maitland

Dennis Maitland, a photographer from Detroit, has made a hobby of taking shots of himself posing on rooftops, with feet dangling in the air. Looking at his belly-tickling pictures, I marvel at the fact that when he first started this project titled Life On The Edge, Dennis actually had a fear of heights. He couldn’t even climb ladders past 10 feet! But with every picture he took, he overcame his fear.

copyright Dennis Maitland

A great inspiring lesson from this chap in Detroit.

red lipstick

Today, I had only one goal: clear out the office.

Over the past few weeks of preparations for the dance performance that just passed, the upcoming Christmas event and next year’s big show in February, our office had gradually become a store room – two mannequin busts, a circular clothing rack, bags and bags of cloth samples and two prototypes of costumes/props – I could barely walk a straight line from one end to the other. And since everyone was out for the day, I had the space to myself.

Just for kicks, I decided to dress for the occasion: I wore bright red lipstick. Not your run-of-the-mill dark red or deep red though. It was a shocking pink/red that was such fun to put on, as if donning on a persona.

Oooh yeah! The glamorous office cleaner!

What I didn’t expect though, was the reaction people gave me when my lips were brighter than, well, everything else around me. Passers-by would unabashedly stare, colleagues from other departments would look quizzically at me or worse, react as one would when you talk to a friend with a booger on her face. Except I had no booger! I just had red lipstick on.

‘I’m distracted by your lips!’ a friend exclaimed, midway through our chat.

‘Why so dolled up today?’ a dancer asked.

‘You look… really nice.’ the Hubby said.

‘You look old.’ the little ones laughed.

Oh well. It was fun and because of that, I’ve decided to make it my red lipstick week. I wonder what other reactions I’ll get? That said, I accomplished two marvelous things today: the office is much cleaner now, and I tried something new.

state of wonder #1

A Pirate-ship bedroom!!

Okay, this doesn’t actually count as I didn’t take these pictures but gosh! It’s so awesome I just had to share it with everyone…

Designer Steve Kuhl ful­fills every boy’s (and girl’s) fan­tasy with this insanely cool pirate ship bed­room…

I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow the desire to sleep in my fantasies.

To see more pictures, head here. You WILL be awed.

state of wonder

Woke up, washed the night away.
Made food disappear, painted my face.
Smelt the rain, rode on wheels
Pulled strings together, just like I did before.
Is there something wonderful, every single day?


The less we see the world around us, the faster the day passes by. I only noticed this phenomenon today as I tried to fill in my personal time sheet for last week. It scared me that I simply could not remember what I did a mere four days before.

Awakened to the fact that my moments were well and truly buried in the grave, I began watching and living in the now, purposefully noting people’s mannerisms, the words they said, food we ate, the chair I sat on… and the oddest thing happened. I grew happier. People are such funny creatures…

What would it be like if I were to live in a perpetual state of wonder? I asked myself. Will the world become a colour-filled playground for my fantasies? Will I find myself exchanging distrust and cynicism for belief?

I’m not sure if there’s a point to this exercise, but I’m going to try. I’ll find one thing each day to be mesmerized with and hopefully, be able to document it here. There’s nothing to lose. After all… if nothing changes, I’m already familiar with this life I know as mine.


Interestingly, I chanced upon this post by Seth Godin, that also talked about wonder (and anger).

What caused you wonder today?