tree house getaway

Taking a break to fantasize about, well… taking a break, I found a lovely hotel in Sweden to dream about. If I had a couple of thousands to spend, that is.

Conceptualized by Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter, the invisible tree house is supposed to disrupt nature in the most minimal fashion possible. Lined with mirrored glass, it gives the illusion that it’s disappeared into the forest… while granting the guest a 360 degree view from the inside.

Just like what we used to play in as children, here’s the life-sized version for adults. I wonder if they carved bookshelves out of the trunk, like what I used to imagine my tree house would have?

Getting closer to nature, let’s pretend to be birds! A hotel room all styled to look like a nest… or an unused water tank covered by vines that died. Brilliant piece of architecture really.

But for those who prefer something closer to modern society? Here’s one that looks like your apartment… minus annoying neighbours who sing drunkenly in the night. You might get some moaning, burping frogs and chirpy crickets though.


Aren’t these rooms divine?

For now… I think I’ll just have to visit these places in my dreams. But soon, real soon… I shall travel again. To the mountains. Oh how they beckon!



…at the end of the day, I think Home is something you make, not something you find. Something you’re always leaving, and somewhere you’re always looking for or returning to. It’s part of growing up, and not the best part. – Neil Gaiman

Full estates with gardens, 4-storey apartments, dingy one bedroom/kitchen/toilet apartments, dormitories… I’ve stayed in them all and I’ve realised that home is truly where you make it happen.

Home today is my books, my music, my secret corner (which right now is in the kitchen, at the counter-top when the whole family has gone to bed) and my love… thankfully I can carry these things everywhere I go. Almost.

Recently, I found my home extending as far as my heart grows. It now covers several countries and as the borders of my home snake around the world, I find myself needing less and less to feel, well, at home. Maybe I’m just not as sentimental as before.

Good food for thought as I plan on my next place of comfort.


And as each day passes, we colour in the walls with memories. But like children, once you’re done colouring within the lines, you turn the page and start a new picture. I’m done with the picture I have now. I’m ready for something new. Something awesome.

Aside, here’s a little track by the Manic Street Preachers doing a cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella. I hated the original. Loved the cover. Especially after watching them sing it live in the contradicting sweltering heat.

Umbrella by Manic Street Preachers

Totally random, I know.


Does anyone else reluctantly head to bed like I do?

Does anyone else reluctantly crawl out of sleep too?

Funny then, that every single night, I stay awake till the very last moment (more specifically, when I realise that I only have four hours left till day breaks) but want to cry when the alarm goes off. I’m a great snoozer. I snooze the alarm for no less than a full hour before waking up in horror, dashing off to shower, pasting on some makeup and then, time stands still while I, half-naked, try to figure out what to wear. Time, realizing it’s been short-changed, then speeds up in a flurry while I break my promise not to take a cab to work.

It’s an endless cycle.


Maybe I really should get one of these running clocks.


feeding a new home

Music: To Build You A Home by Cinematic Orchestra

Sitting in the luxury of not having to know what to do next, the Mother, The Husband & I began talking getting a new home.

‘Let’s get this straight… so all three of us have thought that it is perhaps, time to explore the idea of purchasing a new home?’ I asked them. They nodded.

‘Oh coolest!’I squealed.

‘But it’s the number one reason for stress, moving house, that is,’ The Mother said with her usual caution toward anything new. We talked about loans, financial health etc. I lost her somewhere at the term ‘house valuation’.

The Husband, who was by now, half asleep with his head on the dining table, mumbled his agreement. Mother was almost right though, moving house (funny how we call it moving house, we’re actually moving homes and changing houses) is the third common cause of stress, following death and divorce.

But we’ll conquer that mountain when we get there, which may be a year or two later. We like to take our time to do these things. I’d say that we’re at the Dreaming Stage of our new home, and like all dreams, we’ve decided (okay, I proposed enthusiastically, the rest just nodded) to compile a scrapbook of homes, interior designs etc. We’re going to feed the dream till it gets so big it overwhelms our senses. My opinion is that in doing so, when we finally see the right place months later, it’ll be easier to know it’s the right place. Besides, it’s fun to dream!

So here’s my dining room option #1. Get ready for more pictures of how different corners of our new home will look!


There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust
This is a place where I don’t feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home

Cause, I built a home
for you… for me

– Cinematic Orchestra



Cute use of space and words.

I’ve always loved anything that challenged rules of perspective.

Do something new, weird, quirky…

Do something today that beats the boundaries.

Even if it’s simple.

Forget how good design is supposed to look.’ – Bob Gill