I write because life makes sense to me in retrospect.

I can’t control life but I can, at least, control my version of it. And within these pages, you’ll find my attempts to understand life through music, literature, pictures, movies… but most of all, through my personal interactions with people and the Dream Maker.

You see… I’ve been in a place where every single dream of mine was shattered. I’ve lived days where I’d forgotten what it even meant to have a vision. And when the Dream Maker finally stepped onto the scene and boldly coloured in my black and white pages… I found myself inspired again by the littlest thing.

So this blog really, is a journey.

One that hasn’t quite ended yet.

One thought on “About

  1. Loving this blog and your sharings. Inspiring me to remember to not be as serious as I am ALL of the time and to remember to take time to feel life as it’s passing. Much love to you.

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