the good mundane

April 26, 2016 § Leave a comment


On days I don’t have anything smart to say, I’ve decided I’d list the good things that happened instead. It’s still a form of writing, nevermind it’s potential to sound mundane. At least I’m keeping to my promise to write something daily.

The Project That Almost Got Away

Had to let my client know that since I started teaching again, I couldn’t promise I’d be able to deliver the creative content they wanted for their new website.

“I’m happy to write if you could supply me with a clear direction but if you need me to spearhead this project, I don’t think I should do it. I can’t promise you the time I’ll need to develop/research the content, and I don’t want to do shoddy work,” I explained. I was sad though. I really did want to do this project.

“We’ve discussed it with the team and we’d still like to work with you.” I received their reply an hour later. “We’ll work on our new brand and identity, do the layout, design and photography. Let us know your available hours and we’ll do our best to meet you during your available hours so we can work with you on the content.”

Dumbfounded. Really? Wow.

The Special One That Almost Got Away

“You around? I really need to talk to someone.” Eric texted me early evening. He only did that when he felt messed up inside, and there was just one reason why that could happen – problems with his current girlfriend. We talked via Skype and when I first saw his face, my heart ached. He looked awfully broken.

45 minutes later, he was laughing again.

“You’re one of the most precious people I’ve had the chance to meet in my life. I’m so thankful for you,” he smiled, before we hung up.

Likewise babe. We never had the chance to be together, being on opposite sides of the world, but the distance developed a friendship I didn’t think was possible. And while having him as my guy will never happen, it’s absolutely lovely to know he’s still in my life.

The Dinner Date That Almost Got Away

Tired, I almost sent a text to my date to cancel our appointment. I was already late after my call with Eric, and only wanted to crawl into bed and get lazy. Heaving a very large and dramatic sigh, I booked a cab instead and traveled 30 minutes to a quaint little restaurant, where I had the best burrata, wine and steak. Conversation was easy, the grappa sealed the night.

The Guy That Did Get Away

No one’s ever ghosted on me before. In fact, before it happened, I didn’t even know such a term existed.

I met George in February, and after an amazing sequence of events, found myself in a relationship when I didn’t even think it a possibility. In mid-March, he clean disappeared. No texts, calls, nada. After a month of near silence, he finally explained that he had shit he needed to deal with alone, and that he was sorry. I didn’t push for more details. Something kept me from asking.

But I still have nights I wonder what went wrong. Was it me? Did I do something? Why did this happen?

And then I wake up from my slumber of doubts to realize… life has a very interesting way of letting things happen when they should. Perhaps the Dream Maker was saving me from pain. I’m not sure.

I still miss him, but perhaps, this was for the best. Because he did teach me something about myself: I now know that if I meet the right guy, I might actually be ready for a relationship again.


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
― Anaïs Nin

And that is why I need to write.
It forces me to see view life again with strange, new eyes.

One where the mundane becomes good, and the bad is a source for gratitude.


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