i // remember

A dear friend popped into my mind today.

It’s been several months since I last heard from that person and for the weirdest reasons I still can’t quite fathom, I began to recall the conversations we used to have, and the funny circumstances under which we first met.

Like the time we stood at the shop front and tried on different wigs…

The noodles we ate at a nearby Chinese food store, when we stopped being strangers…

Our waxing lyrical over the coffee we drank because it was comfort food…

How we began texting angry messages to each other when frustrations hit us at work…

And the day I got bright orange helium balloons as a cheerful gift but lost them as soon as I got out of the cab. ‘They untied themselves from my hand and flew off into the air!’ I fumed while you laughed. ‘God was watching over me!’ You declared because you knew I wanted to embarrass you with the absurdly bright balloons…

Two years have passed since that friendship first began, but we began contacting each other less and less as work and life got in the way. We were both seemingly happy, or at least, heading in that direction – one with a new love interest and the other, with work that grew interesting.

We still texted occasionally, but the last few messages I received felt a little darker than usual. I didn’t dare to ask too much, because I knew not much would be revealed… and yet, something bothered me.

And tonight, I just needed to ask:

My dear friend,

How are you doing? Is everything okay?

I hope the sun shines beautifully over you – wherever that is, and that you still skip a little, especially on days that feel grey. I wish you great belly-deep laughter and hope you have a lovely cuppa because remember: you are awesome and always remembered.

Your friend always,


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