what? huh? oh dear…

I am sitting here writing when I really should be packing.

Maybe it’s the thousands of thoughts floating around that’s causing me to take a breather, or maybe… it’s simply because I’ve been on a roll since 7am this morning and haven’t had a moment’s break. I just felt I needed a little down time before I start on the bags.


So I woke up late on an event date.

Thankfully, Scooter Girl (who’s 5 months pregnant!) stood in for me while I made a mad dash down to the venue. The absolute horror of getting up late and realizing your clock’s hour hand is one number ahead of where it should be gave me the adrenaline fix I needed. The crash came once there was a lull in activity… I needed my caffeine fix.

During the lull, I chatted with the artists (which actually, is an essential part of the job) and made sure that everyone was doing well, life was good, they were well fed, happy… and then the performers streamed in for their rehearsals.

From then on, it was a hazy blur of activities.

But the hilarious bit came when the event needed a little reordering in the sequence of program and I had to do an emergency voice-over. Imagine runners on a track, passing the baton… except this time, it was a singular microphone, a 2-second leader on a video playback, my calm announcer tones (albeit racing heart alert due to yet another last minute script approval and change!) and then, a crazy run along the hallways to hand the microphone over to a singer.

‘But she’s not singing till the end of the show!’ DigiBoy said over coms.

‘No one told me!’ I replied, stifling my pants. I seriously need to start running again.

And once I got back into the room around 1pm, I finally opened up my oatmeal breakfast and began munching.

Then it was off to the video rooms to edit something for the next several hours, and an interview… and by the time the day ended, it was 8.30pm.

And there were no cabs.

‘Get a car. Wait. Get a license first.’ I grumbled to the Hubby, who just rolled his eyes at me while he mentally cursed the busy cab companies.

And that was it. A day’s worth completed.

(happy sigh)


Suitcase #1 – Mom’s food, clothes and other knick-knacks from her oh-I-don’t-need-much list.

Suitcase #2 – my stuff. Where did all the pre-packed toiletries go?!?!

Handbag #3 – gotta clear the rubbish first before I take it with me.

I’ll settle it tomorrow. I need to sleep. Problem is… I gotta leave the house in 4 hours time. Dammit. I don’t have time to sleep…


Japan, here I come.

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