the runs

[Picture by DC Runographer]

I had been waiting a long time for this moment. It usually hit me around the end of April & December every year, but when end-2010 and April 2011 passed by with nary a whisper of the moment, I began to get really worried. Was I doomed to be an eternal sloth? Was all my equipment going to junk-sale heaven? Was I growing to become like my dad’s sisters, whose only source of entertainment was eating and gossiping? Thank God then, that it finally happened tonight.

Yes, I am inspired to start running again.

[Picture by DC Runographer]

It’s not for the fact that the half-marathon is a mere month away and I haven’t trained at all. Neither is it because I need to be slimmer, want a cathartic channel, or that I saw my flabby reflection in the train windows. None of those things propel me off the chair and on to the tracks. Even when I’m in the midst of a run, competition is the last thing that urges me across the finish line. If anything, seeing others get all sweaty and glow-y with their sense of accomplishment makes me want to sink deeper into my metaphoric couch.

No. The one thing that inspired me was the idea that I could take pictures while running.

I know, it sounds odd. But runography (it has a name!) has actually been around since… well, since the iPhone met the runner, though the term was crystallized by John Wood, an amazing photographer (just click on his name to view his feed).

And I think it sounds just brilliant – combining my love of photos with the need to be distracted while I run. But honestly, the thing I loved most was finding out that someone else out there was a complaining runner.

Every blog I read about running is all about how exhilarating pounding the pavement can be. It made me want to give up because even though I do love running, I usually hold dialogues with myself – stuff that I dare not put in print as they consist of complaints, curses or general bitching about my fellow runners. It’s fun. It’s motivating. And… it’s how I get through my weekly 10k.

The DC Runographer’s blog is therefore, my savior tonight.

[Picture by DC Runographer]

His pictures are gorgeous, his stories, hilarious. The fact that he’s serious about running is also very inspiring. After reading his blog, I actually began missing my dear old Asics shoes & Nike shorts! Taking them out of the cupboards, I think I heard them sigh with relief when I said, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow morning darlings.’

I haven’t quite found a solution for a few things though:

  1. How am I going to run with an iPhone in hand? I have a tiny shuffle that I clip on to my top because my hand usually grips a towel.
  2. How am I going to take nice pictures? I usually run at night. No nice flares there, and I might need to battle with low light conditions.
  3. Is there a way to be subtle, if I need to stop to take a picture? I’m shy. I run alone. My area is crowded with people at all times of the day. I might end up looking like a fool.

I guess I’ll find a solution somehow, with a little experimentation. It doesn’t quell the urge to lace up and sweat it out though. Not one bit. I’m just happy that the moment finally arrived.

I’m going running again.

PS. Am I the only one who thinks that the word run looks funny?

3 thoughts on “the runs

  1. I’ve recently picked up running again..all thanks to one inspired read from RUNNER’S WORLD (hur hur)… just went asics shopping to replace my old ones (the cushiony stuff has worn out from previous times)…but I am a fake-o runner lah atm. i am a gym rat! 😛

    1. Congratulations! We all start somewhere… like now, my entire body’s aching. But darn it, it feels good! Haha!

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