little. and scared.

I’ll go right out and say this.

I’m scared.

It feels like I’m in a little wooden boat in the middle of the lake, and the stormy clouds have rolled in. I see the changes in my surroundings, feel the winds shift on my skin, see the waters begin to stir… but the full impact of my situation hasn’t hit me yet. I just know that me and my puny arms aren’t going to make it to the shoreline in time.

If I’m alone, that is.


Did you ever face such demands on your life that you don’t even know where to begin to meet them?

There’s not enough time in a day to fit them all in.
I’m not disciplined enough and procrastination is still my best friend.
I don’t have enough resources, talent, intelligence, money…

All I want to do is bury my head under my pillows and pretend I don’t exist.

But! (And here’s the big BUT)

I don’t exist. Theoretically speaking… because I died and rose again in Christ. And in that union, well, I’m never actually alone. It’s like playing a game on your iPhone and time is running out, you can’t conquer the zombies, it’s going to end… when you suddenly realize you didn’t activate the superpower in your pocket. Which, once you do, clearing that level is easy-peasy. Almost fun, in fact.

Righto. So it all boils down to the Person with me. The extra Hands in my little rickety boat.

I just need to remember that when the storms begin…


‘Do one thing everyday that scares you.’

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Little me can face fear when big Him is by my side. No matter how scary the future of things may appear. Who knows? He did calm a storm before. I’m sure He’ll be able to do something about my life.



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