crazy detail

If you always had to work this hard for a snack, you’d probably lose a lot of weight.
And you thought buttering a slice of toast was too much work…

It is edible: grape-flavoured jello, gummy candy and soft candy.

And yes, it is Japanese.


Don’t details fascinate?

When I watch someone do something with care, love and a whole bucketful of creativity, it doesn’t quite matter if the product has no value whatsoever. I’m hooked. But what is it about seeing details that’s so interesting?

Personally, I am immediately curious about their source of inspiration. What made them come up with such a concept?

Then I wonder where they got the determination and will to carry on through with the project, especially when it involves a whole lot of detail.

And finally, how in the world did they do it?

I think Man was created with an insatiable hunger to search out secrets. Whether it be about conquering the next level in a game, listing out the ingredients of a good recipe, being in the know of the latest gossip or figuring out the technical wizardry behind a spectacular project… we want to seek out the answer.

And emboldened with the secrets we’ve uncovered, it’s a natural extension to begin creating something that will use these secrets to further fascinate others.

I see it in my life all the time.

Inspiration is contagious.


And while we’re on the topic of crazy details, here’s another video that blew me away. Imagine the magnitude of planning, production and rehearsals that went into these 4 short minutes.


‘Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.’

– Ernest Hemingway


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