‘Hey, I’m gonna be late.’ I told the Manager. ‘I erm… got stuck in my jeans and it took me 20 minutes to get out of it.’

‘What in the… how?!’ Came her reply.

‘Well… I took out an old pair of jeans and tugged them up. They’re old… I wore them 13 years ago, and I didn’t know the zipper was gonna get busted! So after ten minutes of trying to fix it while I still had them on, it took us another ten minutes to erm… cut myself out of them.’

Not only did I want to die of embarrassment, I was mortified that I couldn’t slip into that lovely old pair anymore.

Sheesh. Who else gets stuck like that at eight in the morning?



‘It’s a deal then,’ I smiled at Jap Girl.

‘You’re on…’ she chuckled before leaving the office.

Yesterday, we’d planned on being ditsy the whole day, all through our meetings. It was the only way we could think of, to cope with the avalanche of work that’s been pouring down on us since the new year began.

Sadly, we forgot all about our deal. The busyness was more than we could keep up with and at the day’s end, we turned to each other.

‘Did you remember our pact?’ I asked.

‘Yes… I did. But everyone looked so serious, it just seemed… inappropriate.’ She replied.



And so, the new year has begun. With busted jeans and busted promises.

I just got to remember that this is MY year that’s dripping with abundance.

(or dripping with buttons, as I mis-heard Jap Girl say, during lunch).



i’m a junkie. now hit me.

Ever had the ‘chills’ when you listened to a song?

Well, it seems like music could quite possibly function as a drug for some people. In a recent study published by Nature Neuroscience, they found that music can increase the dopamine levels in your brain (like how you feel after having that delicious dessert you’d been craving for) and certain tracks – from classical to rock – actually causes you to feel that wonderful ‘shiver’ down your spine.

In the study conducted with 26 individuals, their emotional arousal (monitored via a brain thing-a-majig… not anything else!) was documented and their top 40 hits can be found here.

I’m not surprised that some of my all-time top bands were on the list. And at the same time, pleased that these scientists have a wonderfully diverse playlist.

Yes, I am a music junkie. And now we know why. Take a listen to some of my personal favourites.

1. Lamb – Angelica (electronic)

2. Explosions In The Sky – First Breath After Coma (post-rock)

3. Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick (rock)

4. Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake (classical)

5. Ennio Morricone (Film score for Kill Bill)

6. Steve Vai – Beethoven’s 5th (rock/metal)

7. Tiesto – Adagio For Strings (trance)

8. Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (rock)

9. Dave Matthews Band – #34 (rock)

10. John Williams – Across The Stars (film score for Star Wars)


When I think about how music has the power to cause such reactions in people… is a wonder then, that the importance of harnessing this power to create dreams becomes all the more important to me, and what I do?

Dream Maker… you know what makes people tick. Cause me to hear that heartbeat – yours and the people’s – and to create landscapes upon which they too, can paint their own visions for tomorrow.