bad. just bad.


If you ever get one, spend the cash on a good artist. And dear god… do spend good time deliberating on what will soon become a permanent mark on your skin.

But… in celebration of the bad and ugly, I’ve compiled a few favourites off the internet… just for fun. Happy reading!


‘Got this rad tattoo after I got this hot chick’s number. Check it out.’ He says. ‘NOTE: numbers blurred for obvious reasons.’

I checked. I choked.


Die-hard Britney fan.

Bad lyrics and generic blonde who doesn’t look like Britney included.


Young boy comes home one day and says, ‘Look Mom! I got a free tattoo!’

And we wonder why it was free?

It’s a skull and flames… by the way. In case you couldn’t quite figure out what it was…


A man with an obvious love for mutant animals… Large-nosed tiger with dinosaur claws and something weird beneath it’s face… what in the world is that?


I hope he got a free Happy Meal for that.


Not a bad likeness.

Except… that’s Jimi Hendrix.


Typo alert!

And is it supposed to be blood or jam?


Now… here’s something that I actually liked.

Taken from the Pixies classic track (that some days, really describes me at work).

Moral of the story?

Choose a design carefully, search for a good artist and pay him (or her) well.

It’ll be worth it.





4 thoughts on “bad. just bad.

    1. How about Madonna’s face with Katy Perry’s name? Hur hur… At least we know that’ll make it onto these pages… *grin*

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