a nose for details. not!

The problem with borrowing bags for a trip?

They come with an amazing array of smells.

The large backpack was stored in a cupboard for years and by the time I inherited it for this trip, it was a wonderful case study of spores and their ability to grow anywhere. The inner lining was peeling although the outside still looked hardy. I just wished it didn’t stink of vomit. To counter that… I packed all my clothing in ziploc. I might be the girl with the most plastic out there. The rain cover was also in a bad state and so, the black garbage bags might come in handy.

The smaller backpack was borrowed from another adventurous couple and while it was maintained well… it reeked of ear wax. I don’t quite get how that aroma was so infused into its very fibres but I found myself sniffing my belongings, each time I took them out to check or re-pack.

Yesterday was also an assault on my senses.

‘Someone here has really bad body odour,’ I whispered to Flex, as I warmed up on the Summit Climber in the gym.

‘Yeah… I think it’s the chap behind me,’ he replied loudly. ‘Behind’ happened to be a man three machines down.

‘That’s one powerful stink he’s got,’ I answered, wrinkling my nose in reply.

‘Well… you carry on for another eight minutes. I’m going to get a drink,’ Flex said. ‘I need to breathe some fresh air. You erm… enjoy!’

‘Gee… thanks,’ I answered. Alone, I began to realize that perhaps there was some benefit to the body odour. It helped clean my eyes out. They wouldn’t stop tearing.

Traveling back home, I entered a carriage on the train that reeked of poop.

‘What the hell…’ I muttered to myself, looking for a way to walk to another carriage but it was all crowed and I couldn’t move. I sighed. This really felt like early training for my trip.


Each country has its scent and I wonder… what will Kathmandu smell like?


It’s 2.06am now and I’m done packing. I just need to finish up some emails and then, I’m on my way. I doubt I’ll get any sleep but no worries there. I can always sleep on the plane. It helps make the 4 1/2 hours pass faster anyway.

While sending the details to the family of my itinerary, I realised that I miscalculated the trek and I’ll have an extra day in Nepal. What a goon of a mistake. I’ll need to work out a new itinerary with Amir, my agent and see how things go. I wonder though, if anyone else makes such mistakes?


Four more hours to go before I leave the house. I can’t help but worry… did I even get my flight details right?

Wish me the best people because this is one doofus on her way out to do the extraordinary. The miracles began when I actually pulled myself together and managed to take my passport photos, line up the itinerary (albeit with a mistake) and pack my bag. Amazing.

I am in awe of myself.

God… please don’t let me forget to bring anything…


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