[A picture was supposed to be inserted here]

1.00am: We finally wrapped up the shoot for the stop-motion video and there were moments during the process, I asked myself why, when hard-pressed for time, we continued to strive for that perfect representation of the imaginary world. I know the answer. I just ask these questions when I’m tired.

1.30am: We entered our building’s car park, only to find that the gantry refused to budge.

‘Oh hey, the gantry’s tired too…’ I murmured in the backseat, half asleep. We stayed in the cool air of the car as the driver tried to get the automatic sensor to recognize his card but some things in life just won’t work reliably. One of them is anything labeled ‘automatic’.

1.32am: I hauled the huge borrowed backpack (for the Nepal trek) out, along with my shoulder bag and two other carriers stuffed to the brim with random what-nots, and began my slow walk to the apartment…

1.35am: So tired. And my article was due today. I need to squeeze in 240 minutes worth of conversation into 800 words. Miracles always happen, I’m sure. I’m living proof every time I take a breath.

2.35am: I should sleep and yet, this is the only moment today when I’m completely alone. It’s nice to unwind. The internet is reflecting my state of mind – byte by byte – for once, I’m not bothered by the fact it’s taking me five minutes to load a page.

Okay. Brain’s not working. Neither is wordpress functioning well. It’s a sign.

Good night everyone.
Have a wonderful life.
Tomorrow is a fresh start.

[Insert whatever picture that immediately pops into your mind. Credit to wordpress for stimulating imagination.]

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