I once had a rabbit. It had no name. We just called it that… the rabbit.

It died of a heart attack.

Today, I feel like my rabbit.


I am a week away from a ‘work trip’ and am totally unprepared.

I have scripts upon scripts to write, production teams to pull together, schedules to lay down, props to finish up, articles to write… and all by the end of the week. This is in addition to the fact that I’ll be trekking in Nepal in about 3 weeks’ time and am totally UNPREPARED.

Equipment – nada.
Physical stamina – what’s that?
Permits – you mean I need them?
Plane ticket – booking tomorrow.

My thoughts are all over the place. It’s all not good. That plus the recent spate of sleepless nights have left me feeling very much like a watercolour painting. My substance is gone. Where is my mind?



I leave my sentences hanging and don’t finish them, ever. This frustrates Jap Girl, who’s begun finishing them for me. I’m in the middle of writing multiple emails as I write this post and yes, I know, someone out there is going to tell me, ‘Focus!’

But I can’t. Every minute, there’s a new demand. A new curve ball. Someone, throw me a lifeline. Or a nice basket of fruits. That might help. It always made my rabbit quiver with excitement…



Actually, while we’re on wishes…

Someone, give me a life where there are no demands. Just for a week, I’d like to taste what it feels like to do nothing.

[Beautiful watercolour pictures by Holly Exley]

6 thoughts on “rabbit-brained

  1. Tuesday. Tuesday we’ll be able to do nothing. It’s been too long. And oh! you can get the equipment you need there.. cause it is much cheaper than in Singapore. Plus, I’ve checked, the pool and gym facilities are AMAZING 🙂 YOU CAN DO THIS!

  2. You don’t need anyone to tell you what you already know. Somewhere in the water colour painting, focus lies. That’s how the picture comes together. Not long now my friend. There is nothing to prepare and nothing to worry about. That’s the point of our little adventure. You are more prepared than you think you are. So let your brain wander, let it roam, cos that’s where you’ll find your “focus”.

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