a wonderful life

[Wonderful Life by Hurts]

Between the pockets of a good day filled with fast-paced activity and cheerful creativity, I slumped inwardly with tremendous inertia. I was about to expound on how many shades of grey existed in my day… when this song popped up in my iPod, at the precise moment I began writing this post.

I smiled.

What can I do but shake my head in amazement? When I stand disinterested with all that the Dream Maker wants to say to me, He reaches out to speak in a language that touches my heart.

‘Don’t let go, it’s such a wonderful life…’

It was enough to shake me out of my somnabulistic stupor. To celebrate, I will don my shoes early in the morning and hit the tracks tomorrow. I’ve neglected my daily runs for slightly more than a week now… not anymore.

Once 6am comes around, I’ll head out with a new determination. I deserve it.

Helloooo running shoes, I’ve missed you.