be still, the mess

‘Mirrors that hide nothing hurt me. But this is the hurt of purging and precious renewal – and these are the mirrors of dangerous grace.’

– Walter Wangerin Jr.

I exist, my breath framed by grace, exhaling purpose. Not better than the homeless on the street, the addict in the corner, the bickering couple, the dissatisfied rebellious… I am alive because of a grace that dares to trust in me when I have nothing.

With that thought, inspiration came and I began cleaning up the mess that’s accumulated around me. It will take some time but it’s the season of purging, detox and cleansing. Not because I need to attain perfection but as an expression of the freedom I have. I am changing my environment. I am the thermostat.

I started with the physical – eating fruits and chugging water this morning, I decided to treat my body well. No more condemning the imperfections, I want to treasure the systems that work within me. How often have I taken them for granted when they faithfully obey my commands?

Progressing beyond, I began cleaning up the piles of bills, letters and envelopes that had reached massive proportions on my side table. Tearing, filing and clipping, the pile is now put away with purpose.

Satisfied, I sat back and had a coffee.

Now I’m ready for a day’s work.

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