life in pictures

Some days, pictures truly paint better than words ever can.

It started with my work’s email account that refused to work. It was such a huge hindrance to getting stuff done. I stared at my to-do list that grew longer, looked lonelier without my thick crosses that said, ‘done!’. I did what I could although the frustration inside me was slowly snowballing into a huge scream.

Hunger hit me then. It could have been last night’s run, this morning’s irritation or a much-desired break, didn’t matter. I grabbed my wallet, headed out to buy some food and came back to my table to eat while staring at the pop-window requesting me to enter my password.

‘You mock me,’ I mumbled with a mouth filled with rice. ‘You ask me for my password because you just want to reject me. I’m not falling for that trick,’ I glared at my email account’s request.

Food finished fast. Back to work. And more literal head-banging moments on the laptop.

Lunch! Rain was pouring outside (since morning, news reports of flooding came… well…. flooding in) but that didn’t stop me from venturing out to get my tummy filled. Nothing separates me from nosh.

Slump time around 3pm. I was groggy and cranked up Audioslave really loudly on my speakers. I sat back and smiled, as I nursed my coffee. Pretty soon, I heard my neighbours ranting behind me. Contrite, I turned down the music. Yes, yes, back to that damnable to-do list.

Decided to search some lyrics of songs that I enjoy and got a shocker when they were listed in google’s search engine as oldies. What?! Those songs are gems! They are not old! Miffed, I decided to work on something else.

Some time later, I suggested an art direction to the team for our next campaign, only to hear The Husband answer me, ‘Well, that might work but don’t you think it’s a little too done?’

‘What do you mean done? This style is featured in iDN! It’s a designer magazine! It’s published in July 2010 so that means it’s the latest style!’ I rebuffed.

‘Erm yeah…’ he answered, ‘But that’s the issue where they feature vintage and retro designs…’

Email still not working. I’m now old. And oddly hungry. Time for another break. I grabbed a chocolate bar from my bag and began munching, dreaming of my next day off. I opened my calendar only to see penciled in remarks for a full weekend, another filled work week and darn it! The next day off is more than 7 days away!

It was time for a good old sulk.

Which I did, for five minutes.

5pm, the alarm bleeped. Deadlines were screaming for attention and that’s when I got into a nice little frenzy. Before I knew it, the day was over. I quickly packed my bags and glared at the laptop. No way was I hauling it back for more work. It can keep till tomorrow. I dashed out of the office and fought with the evening crowd to get back home.


My optimistic side tells me tomorrow is filled with promise.

My pessimistic side tells me to stay in bed.

I think… I’d rather hold potential in my hands. It’s just more fun that way.

But till the sun peeks out on this side of the earth… I’m off to bed.

After a good shower, a good song and yes, another slice of cake.

Goodnight amigos!