Five more hours before I leave for the airport. It’s pouring outside my window and as I sit here sipping my tea, I feel excitement slowly starting to stir within me. This trip came fully paid – a gift of inspiration – and in a way, it’s a dream come true. The last time I was in Sydney was 1999 and it inspired me so heavily that the years which followed after were always tied back to that trip. Each project I did, I juxtaposed it against what I’d seen there. I felt destiny-bound.

Ten years after, I was tired. The dreams I once had were faded and hope had begun to fray at the edges. Uninspired, I stared at my blank canvas and couldn’t see the vision within me. That was when I knew I wanted to get back to Sydney and stare at inspiration again. Sadly, I didn’t have the financial ability nor the time for such a trip.

I felt forgotten.

Sad, as I watched others travel away and come back, fired up.

‘When will it be my turn?’ I asked the Dream Maker but He was quiet. I resigned myself to seeking out other sources of inspiration and well, it was all good. But deep inside, I still longed to make another journey out to Australia.

‘Hey babe, you want to get away for a study trip?’ Cutesy asked me in February 2010.

‘Sure, where?’ I replied, thinking of some place close to home.

‘How about Sydney?’ She said, her eyes twinkling with glee.

‘Really?’ I stared at her, not daring to believe.

‘Yeah, I just need to get some things sorted. I’ll let you know if it’s approved.’

Four months later, I’m seated at my window, on the brink of yet another answered dream, waiting to be lived out. The plane tickets and accommodation are fully paid and I stand amazed at how, one after another, this year has been filled with dreams that keep coming true.


It’s all true. It’s happening. It’s here. It’s now.


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