… and then what happened?

A man walks on a tightrope, brows furrowed in deep concentration. His every muscle is tense and ready to respond to the slightest change in the atmosphere. He feels the wind, the bead of sweat that trickles down his forehead, hears the crowd but shuts them all out.

He only knows his breath and the rhythm of heartbeat.

Does he perform better knowing that one false move will cause him to plummet to his death? Will he walk differently if he knows that there is a safety net below?


I will be on stage again tomorrow, singing. As always, I stand before the day, filled with a mixture of emotions and heightened sensitivities. Instead of cocooning myself within the blankets of old failures and worries, I choose to paint myself a new picture for the future.

I choose to see the net below my tightrope and feel the harness that girds my being. I won’t be alone up there. I am wrapped in the ability of the Dream Maker. He put me up there. He will rock the stage while I remain hidden in the glare of His light.

Why should I negate the potential of moments yet un-lived because of yesterday’s fears? Life is about living in the promise of good things to come.

A parent gazes at his baby with big dreams.
A dancer looks at the space and imagines it filled with movement.
A writer holds his pen with purpose as he juggles the words to fill the page with.

And me?

I close my eyes and hear the music – the sound of eternity. Can you hear it too?


I had been waiting for weeks for the release of this book and it’s finally within my hands. I can’t wait for my next spare moment when I can make myself a cup of tea, pick the book up, look at the cover and feel the embossed titles beneath my fingertips. I will breathe in the scent of its new pages and have my pencil ready to pick out my favourite lines.



A day prior to getting this book, I was itching for a good read and so, bought this one too.


Oh the excitement of potential!

Look out for the reviews of my tightrope adventure and these darling books!

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