the gift

I received a gift today. It was a wooden box, tied shut with a rubber band.

I tentatively opened it to find, nestled amid white paper, three items I’d asked for: the wind, the waves and the earth.

‘All across the other side of the world,’ my friend smiled. ‘Gathering these items reminded me to be thankful for the things I have in life, the opportunities given to me. And I hope, one day, you’ll be walking in distant lands, gathering these things on your own.’

I lifted the bottle of sand and gazed into it, imagining the thousands of seashells crushed by the elements, now made smooth enough to walk on. I gently shook the bottle of crystal, clear water and marveled. It looked nothing like the waters we can gather here on our beaches at home. I looked at the picture, forever freezing the power of the wind. Then I closed the box and smiled.

I received a precious gift today.

It was a fragment of my future, a glimpse into all that life can be.


I have never walked on water, felt the waves beneath my feet but at Your word Lord, I’ll receive Your faith to walk on oceans deep. And I remember how You found me, in that very same place. All my failings surely would have drowned me, still You made a way…

– Hillsong

I received a gift today. It came wrapped in the arms of the Dream Maker.

‘Open it,’ He said as He tenderly placed the box in my hands. I carefully undid the knots and lifted the cover.

‘I don’t deserve this,’ I whispered.

‘Yes you do,’ He said, ‘Because I paid for it. And I’m giving it to you.’

My eyes welled up with tears. I knew I couldn’t bear the responsibility of taking care of such beauty. It would be like draping a necklace of gems on a compost heap. I’d be a fraud.

‘I… can’t,’ I shook my head. ‘I know what goes on inside me… how can I wear such preciousness when I feel like crap inside?’

‘That’s the beauty about this gift. It changes you, the more you wear it,’ He smiled. Then very carefully, He lifted the dazzling stone and placed it around my neck. Pulling away, He took a long look at me as I stood there, feeling awkward.

‘Beautiful,’ He said, and I knew then, He wasn’t talking about the gift.