rain glob

The dark shadow loomed over the Earth. Blending into the background of each person’s subconscious, it went unnoticed, urgent in it’s mission. Then sensing the moment, it paused in its tracks. The moonlight glinted dangerously on the metal object that it slowly raised in its hands.

It was a watering can.

Grumbling under his breath, the Rain Glob showered the exosphere, a little vengefully, one might add, if one could actually water the Earth with force. His actions were understandable really. The Rain Glob did not want to be there. He dreamed of greater things.

‘The Hulk gets to be big and monstrous, Godzilla has his rampages, even the old fob Mummy gets to terrify people but me? I get a silly watering can. It’s just not fair,’ he whined.

‘What do you want?’ A reply came booming through the universe, jolting the Rain Glob in his tracks. The monster waited a whole minute for the echoes to cease before he could continue.

‘Well, I’d like to be big and awesome and… and have a blockbuster movie to my name! In time for the Christmas crowds… now that would be nice.’

‘You want fame?’ the voice replied, his answer echoing a little longer this time.

‘Yes! I want fame!’ The monster shouted back. Then reverentially, he added, ‘…sir.’

‘You are important in your role… role… role…’ The voice stated, sounding slightly exasperated. ‘Gabe! Would you shut that blasted thing off!… off!… off! Or turn down the reverberation! I’m God, for goodness sake… I don’t need the echoes… echoes… echoes…’

And suddenly, there was silence.

‘Much better, thank you.’ The voice continued, ‘Now, Rain Glob, are you sure you want fame and the ability to terrify?’

Realising who he had been ranting to, the monster meekly replied, ‘Yes… sir. God. Almighty. Maker of the heavens and earth. Please sir… I feel insignificant.’

‘Insignificant, you say? Have you seen the need for water all over this planet? The earthlings need you more than they need another terrifying monster. And well, honestly, I am a little short on Rain Globs. I’ve been creating new planets see, and don’t have any spare Globs to take your place.’

‘But God… couldn’t you just, er, create more Globs?’ The monster (whose name was Harvey) replied, his watering can never once ceasing in its watering responsibilities.

‘Well, I guess I could…’ the voice replied. ‘What type of monster do you want to be then?’

‘I-I’d like to be erm… perhaps a Water Demon?’

‘We already have the Lochness and Giant Squid doing that.’

‘A Mountain-type of monster?’

‘Yeti, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman have that covered.’

‘Something that can fly?’ The Rain Glob was getting slightly desperate.

‘Dragons, Griffins and even planes are doing a good enough job for now.’

‘Okay, okay, I got it. How about some creature that is joined with another? I could be part alien and er…’

‘Mermaids, Minotaur, Chimeras… are you sure you’ve thought this through?’ God sighed.

‘I did! Well, at least I thought I did.’ Sulked the Rain Glob, pouring water over the Eastern hemisphere. It seemed doomed for him to ever be anyone or anything else but a monster with a teeny can.

‘Glob…’ God called out quietly.

‘Yes sir?’ Sniffled Harvey.

‘You are happiest being who you are. This role was created for you. You feel dissatisfied because you are looking at what the others have… have you looked at what you have?’

Harvey stared at his watering can.

‘No, not that. That is merely your tool. Look at the colours of the earth. You did that. Look at the people in their plantation fields… that was you. The flowers blooming? You. The floods?’

‘Me too?’ Harvey began to look interested again.

‘Sigh, yes, you too. Although I’d have much preferred they didn’t happen.’

‘Well… I guess I am important.’ The Rain Glob said, moving over to the Western hemisphere.

‘The snow, the droughts, the oceans… hey, it’s because of your job that Lochness, the Squid, even Yeti and the rest have a role to play.’

‘Oh yeah!’ Harvey smiled. ‘I do rock!’

‘So really, must you prove yourself to people through a movie that you are great?’ God asked.

‘I-I guess not…’ Harvey consented, then sighed. ‘Hey God, I’m really sorry to seem ungrateful. I was just, you know, having a moment.’

‘I understand.’ The voice replied. ‘Now if don’t need anything else, I’ve got other things to do.’

‘Oh yeah, sure! I’ll go on watering, sir!’ The Rain Glob replied, lifting his watering can.

‘Good boy Harvey, that is what you call yourself isn’t it?’


‘Well then, I’m off. Take care Rain Glob. Remember, if you ever feel unhappy about where you are, it’s simply because you’ve forgotten the big picture.’

The Rain Glob nodded his head. In the silence of the universe, he looked at the Earth and took a deep breath. It was really quite awesome.

‘Me and my little watering can…’ he said to himself before humming a little tune under his breath. ‘Rain, feel it on your finger tips, hear it on your window pane, my love’s coming down like rain…’


I wrote this story in October 2008 and it was one of those occasions where I saw a picture, fell in love with it and knew a story had to be written.

Reading Harvey’s self-pitying situation tonight encouraged me as I was having a bad case of wishing I was someone else, somewhere else, doing something else. I don’t know where this sense of insignificance came from but the story made me question myself, ‘Have I forgotten the big picture?

If I took stock of all the things I have going good in life, I guess I wouldn’t demean my little watering can and the amazing things it can do.



Can you see it, dear marionette? The things in store for you? Can you hear the heartbeat of a future in which you are intrinsically knitted within? And can you feel the purpose of your very breath, because it takes in life, gives life, and makes life beautiful? For that’s why you were created and why you journey in a land not your own. You are your Beloved’s and He is yours.

Can you see His vision?


‘When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.’

– Audre Lorde