my beautiful moment

When life was broken
Its shattered pieces discarded
car e less l y

It was a beautiful moment

When pride let her down
And nothing was all she had
i n he r b one s

It was a beautiful moment

Beautiful when He still called her
His own

He knitted Himself
Into the f rac t ure
of her soul

He wiped her tears
To make her see
past her fears

When she came u nd one
He sealed her up
with His song

He taught her to smile
To face the world

His child

He held her hand
When her br oke n f eet
Could not stand

It was a beautiful moment

Beautiful when He became
her Man

She smiled
as she looked out
into the dark silent night

The air outside
though cold
didn’t touch
her heart which was warmed
by His strength

She lifted her head
as her life unfolded
The song she’d forgotten
Came back
to sing again

Goodbye sorrow
Hello tomorrow
The crying’s been done
I’m moving on

Goodbye heartbreak
There’ll still be mi st a kes
But the birds are flying
and I am walking

Walking on
Walking on through
the love of the One


is my beautiful moment.

[Written in February 2008]


One thought on “my beautiful moment

  1. You wrote this?! I really don’t know why I am so surprised… Maybe because the entire time I was reading it I was trying to figure out which famous author you were quoting! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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