In one way… out the other.

The tummy was wonky today and I was in pain almost throughout the whole day. It got to a point where I grew used to it. Almost. And taking pills didn’t help one bit. I had to dash to the loo no less than three times, once after every meal. The last trip there, I threw up my dinner too. I don’t think I’m sick and I’m definitely not feeling stressed. And yet, my digestive system is singing a different, rumbling tune.

I pray I’m not falling ill. I can’t afford to.


I sat on the chair, cuddling my sore mid-section when the woman walked in. I was a tad bit nervous as she had the reputation for being extremely private and preferred to shun interviews of all kinds. But here I was, granted an exclusive interview with a very powerful lady… perhaps one of the richest in this country.

‘She may take a very long time to warm up so get ready for that,’ Cutesy had prepped me earlier on. ‘What are the questions you want to ask her?’

‘Oh, I need to tell you something,’ the lady’s personal assistant interjected. ‘She has to rush off for a meeting so you’ll only have half an hour with her.’

Right. Images of a dragon lady popped into my mind… silent, coiffed and cool. It was not a good sign. So when she walked in, I did a double-take.

Firstly, she was shorter than I’d expected and secondly, she was all smiles. I looked at her other PA and noticed that she looked very nervous. I usually try to suss out my interviewees by watching their help. These people are the ones most intricately involved in the interviewee’s life and in understanding them, I find that it helps me gain insight into unspoken stories.

I introduced myself and told her specifically what to expect. It helps to ease a person’s anxiety. I also told the cameramen to hide the red light that denotes when a camera is in action. I didn’t want her clamming up when she thought the camera was recording.

We sat down. My tummy rumbled. We began. And what an unexpected interview. The lady talked on and on, expounding on answers without much prompts and I found myself responding to her answers instead of thinking of the next question.

‘What’s the one thing you’ve learnt in your journey as a businesswoman?’ I asked.

‘You need to have bullet truths,’ she replied. ‘Truths that are your weapons in your daily battle ground of naysayers, negative reports and human tiredness. It’s a pressure-cooker – running your own company – and you need to be armed. What you believe in will always bear fruit.’

What goes in, must come out.

I couldn’t help thinking about my wonky tummy.

We wrapped up the interview with 3 minutes to spare but she hung around and chatted with us for a further 15 minutes. When her PA nervously shuffled to her side and reminded her of the next appointment, I saw a flash of irritation. It was so fleeting it could have been my imagination. Or it could be her true self finally showing through – I will never know.


I spent the rest of the day in the editing suite. The video has to be submitted for approval tomorrow at noon. Thereafter, it’ll be fine-tuned, dumped out and be ready for screening on the event day. We huddled in front of the screen from morning till late, chomping on snacks (just before my final run to the loo) and when we sat back and looked at the final production…

I couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of satisfaction.

This video was planned for, weeks ago.

It was nothing similar to what I’d planned. It was, in fact, completely different. But… it came from the heart. Maybe that’s why I liked it.

It had heart.


I still feel sick.

I need a cuddle too.



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