power of choice

On a given day, I tote around a Blackberry smartphone to keep up with the emails and urgent corporate calls, a Sony Ericsson mobile for personal use, a digital camera for my wardrobe photography, a macbook pro, my office keys and necessary passes, a wallet filled with more unclaimed receipts than money, a book (currently, it’s Murakami’s South Of The Border), a style magazine for reference and a folder of the current event I’m managing. Heavy bag.

Every day, I scroll through countless online sources for inspiration like style blogs, online magazines and newspapers and if necessary, the odd technical journal on video/lights/production etc. This is in addition to answering yet more emails and doing specific research on whatever task it is I’m handling, gathering what I need, to churn out documents for other people’s reference. Heavy head.

At night, I log in to facebook, multiply, wordpress, blogger, good reads, tumblr and several gmail accounts. I also take the time to catch on blogs that I enjoy reading for leisure.

Recently, I’ve added to my midnight hours some research on physical conditioning, Nepal, blog writing, script-writing…

When does it all become an overload of information? And do I really need to know all these things?

Information used to be a precious commodity. The hunt was as much fun and important as the exquisite feeling of finally holding in my hands, the very piece of information I was looking for. I remember with great fondness, the hours spent in the library poring over books, chatting with the librarian, scrolling through the microfilms of newspapers from years ago.

These days, I merely need to head straight to Wikipedia for that.

Perhaps it’s the accessibility of it all, that information has become somewhat… disposable.

Oooh, good stuff to know, bookmark page and save for the future. But will they be relevant in the future? I mean, there is only one source for help – the constant, unchanging truth.

Maybe it’s the delicious power of choice.

To read or not to read, to sift through the chaff for the wheat.

I look at the ten open tabs on my internet browser, then at the red leather bound bible on my dresser.

What will I choose? What will you choose?


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