dispassionate times

I finally submitted my article at midnight yesterday.

Today, I received a short email from the guest editor – a lady who has helmed countless successful publications – and was deeply encouraged by the fact that although she was so busy, she took the time to let me know how the article made her feel.

Writing this piece was hard. Each time I had a thought, the words refused to string themselves cohesively. Framing the world as I saw it became achingly difficult, akin to sitting in one position for too long.

I wasn’t satisfied so I let the article percolate for a while before I re-did the entire thing, and though it was an arduous process, it was all worth it. Not because the words became beautiful, but because they connected with the reader and made an impact.

‘Just a quick one to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your moving story on Paddington and the Fair Maiden. It was so uplifting. And it comes at a time when the head of our design consultancy is struggling with his mother’s critical illness. His mother is dying and he’s been in a lot of pain, popping in and out hospital the past month, while running his business. I am going to send him your story. Thank you for doing this – it tells him everything he has been unable, at this point, to hear me say because he can’t make it real for himself in his pain.

Ms M.

I was dreadfully uninspired of late. Coming in to work, my thoughts were dispersed and I found myself unproductive. I felt helpless. Waiting for something to happen wasn’t an option. I had no choice but to sit back and watch the world go by.

So this morning, I did what I’d been neglecting. I plugged in to the Source.

The next thing I knew, I was at meeting after meeting, churning out new ideas for the upcoming event and now, it feels as though it really is going to happen. Not just the writing of scripts and the production.

But Life.

And the living of it.


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