life in the sweet spot

Running on three hours of sleep, I am very reluctant to start work again. With a sigh, I decided to get more disciplined and sat down at my table with my work, only to start dreaming of… cakes. Blame it on Tabbie, really, and the tempting link she put up on her blog.

So while I entertain my thoughts of being the domestic goddess (nice apron included) here are some of the potential cakes I may try when I next have the time to fly with the clouds.

Lemon Curd Mousse Cake

I’ll do this next week, when a friend comes over for dinner. It looks relatively easy to make and comes with wine suggestions in the recipe. I love the lemon fruit. An odd quirk The Mother and I share is to take lemon, slice it and yes, start eating it as one would an orange.

Cranberry-Maple Pudding Cake

I see a relaxed afternoon with Earl Grey tea and wonderful conversation with this beauty. Knowing myself too well though, I may end up making this in the dead of night, only to celebrate life with this for breakfast. I’m no stranger to having cake or ice-cream as my first meal. Might be the lack of sleep and the need for a sugar rush. Or simply the idea of dessert for breakfast. It’s all good to get me out from under my blankets.

Ginger and Pink Grapefruit Cheesecake

I love ginger. I love pink grapefruit. I love cheesecake. There’s no real need to explain this baby and why it appears on my to-bake list.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cake with Cream Cheese and Butterfinger Frosting

If there is a taste I associate all productions with, it’s chocolate, peanut butter and banana. At the recent musical, that flavour manifested itself in Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice-cream, which I had daily. I want to make this, in tribute of life’s craziness. The bananas will just have to be the accompanying fruit platter. Along with a zesty orange drink. Mmmm

Frozen Passionfruit Meringue Cake

Is there a pattern to my choices? The cakes are all in shades of yellow, brown, white and the occasional red. I think those might very well be the colours of life – the life of Sunshine Girl. I can’t help but avoid anything in pink, blue or anything else that makes my food look… unnaturally coloured.

Mixed-Berry Chiffon Cake with Almond Cream Cheese Frosting

I am tempted to dive into this baby. I recall being in my neighbour’s garden back in Japan, where I could pick up raspberries and eat them right there and then. It was the most divine thing, to eat fruit off a tree. Now here it is, a memory encased in gorgeous cream cheese frosting.

And finally, for the crazies in my team…

Lemon Lemon Loaf

Lemons. They are the sweet spot in my life. A contradiction of sorts but… that’s the way things roll, don’t they? You take the sour fruit and turn it into a thing of beauty. They may make you scrunch your face but they are so essential. You always need a dash of that sourness to bring out the sweetness that life gives.

And now, I shall return to work.

Oh wait… I did want to research my holiday in September… that is important…


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