an important memo

Dearest Darling Neighbour,

In your new office, there are several rules you must follow:

1. Laugh, cry, scream, be silent – it’s part of the contract that one needs to be real. It’s a corporate thing. And if it extends to wearing mismatched, striped, coloured socks with Spongebob shoes, then so be it.

2. Snack, and force everyone around you to eat your food. We are notoriously known to skip meals. Doing this, you are contributing effectively to the welfare of the team.

3. Surf the internet randomly – this is a huge part of your job scope and should constitute 50% of your time. Cutesy and I have actually coined a term for this. It’s called an ‘inspiration hunt’. On an individual level. Sometimes, we spend hours doing this. When you see nice pictures or writings, it inspires. And we need to be inspired by silly youtube videos, nice images and words strung into sentences.

Aside, that’s why the hubby and I stay up late at night. Sometimes I can’t get the ‘surfing quota’ done during work hours. We are, therefore, actually doing over-time every night… the very dedicated people that we are.

4. Sing – it’s cathartic and a good stress relieving method. Okay, fine. I made that one up. It just makes me feel comfortable when I’m not the only one. I’ll even add your favourite tunes to my ipod if it makes you feel better. And sing louder.

5. Enjoy yourself. Seriously. With all full intent and purposes, this team is about having fun, and seeing Christ in the rainbows, the showers, the sun and… the silly hours.

Yours sincerely,
The Neighbour


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