I finally hauled my wobbly ass out of bed to the doctor’s. I sat there shivering slightly in the cold, white reception area, mentally composing my list of ailments for recitation.

I feel hot and cold at the same time. My body aches began two days ago and everything hurts so bad I can’t sleep. No, I don’t have a runny nose. Yes, I have a slight dry cough. No, I haven’t traveled overseas recently.

‘It seems to me you have a viral fever.’ Says doc.

This of course, means that he has nothing to give me that can actually cure me. He can, however, dope me up to alleviate the pain. So I took my 3 packets of pills, a bottle of cough syrup and 2 days medical leave, paid him $30 and returned home.

The drugs don’t work.
[cue music please]

Seriously. I am still in pain.

A wonder then, that I had 4 peanut-butter & nutella sandwiches today. I love the creamy, crunchy texture of peanuts and chocolate mushed in my mouth, washed down with either a coffee or a cup of earl grey tea. These sandwiches were in addition to my regular meals. Yep, unfortunately for me, the sickness has not affected my appetite at all.

Great. So when I return to the world, I will be rounder, flabbier and pasty because I’d been hidden away from the sun for so long.

[cue whine]

Cooped up with nothing to do, I managed to finish two books by Thomas Harris: Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal Rising. That was… nice.

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