funny commercials

The second clip reminded me of my father, who, in a moment of curiosity, did precisely that with my younger 6 month old sister.

‘She was wailing for your mother! I thought that would quieten her a bit!’ he said to me.

‘So how did it feel? Did it work? Did she keep quiet?’ I asked, myself curious.

‘Aah… I can’t remember anything but the pain. It was excruciating…’ he replied, wrinkling his face in distaste.

I still laugh when I think about it.

what have I done?



I wanted to celebrate the fact the mad days are over. I wanted to stay at home, under the blankets reading a book. I wanted to relax, get lazy and watch endless movies on DVDs. To date, I have almost 10 books waiting on my table, 2 complete seasons of Entourage to watch, 3 seasons of Heroes and 4 movies piled on top of the telly.

Somehow, I found myself part of a team set on climbing a mountain and a mere two weeks after, signed up for a 50km marathon. True, I can hire a porter to carry my bag up the mountain and the run is split with another friend so I may only need to complete 25km. But what in the world am I doing? How did I end up here?

I grip my head in my hands and laugh.

I swear I am NOT an over-achiever. I am also terribly out of shape…

God help me.

Breathe in deeply.

Now, what shall I listen to?