sitting in the dark. reading. writing. musing about a day gone by.

having a sip from a cup of coffee. breathing slowly.

rolling over in sleep as the morning light streams in.

dangling feet over the side of tables. bouncing green balls off a wall.

choosing what i want to wear. not what i need to. simply because.

being vague. being obvious. being happy. being quiet. just being.

receiving a beautiful necklace from a friend. for no reason whatsoever.

maybe it was because of the intense busyness the past few months, maybe it was because i’m finally recovering from a really bad case of the flu… whatever it is, it feels good to be alive again. to take my time to see the world go by and not have to be part of the mad, rushing crowd on their way to somewhere important. these are simple luxuries in life that i won’t ever take for granted again. i stretch, recline and smile.

yes. it is good to be back.

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