the cabbage diet – day #3

I still love the soup and am satisfied on the diet. There is absolutely zero change in my weight though.

I had fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch, fruit for tea, soup for an early dinner and more vegetables for supper. Then in a wicked twist of fate, while I was watching a movie, my hand found its way in a packet of Doritos. Damn. The good news is that I ate far less than I would have previously.

The bad news is simple. I have not lost any weight at all. Not one pound. Nada.

I encourage myself by saying I’m detoxing my system.

I could be fooling myself though.

Tomorrow, it’s bananas and milk with more of the soup. God I hope there’s some reward at the end of all this.

2 thoughts on “the cabbage diet – day #3

  1. Could also do some weight training to build muscles. Worked like a charm for me (after some months). My metabolic rate went up, I lost around 4 kg, shrunk a little since muscles are more compact than fats, and I now can eat more yet maintain my weight. ^_^V

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