the cabbage diet – day #2

I don’t feel any skinnier. The weighing scale attests to that fact too. Argh.

The good thing is that I am not hungry nor do I crave anything other than the soup and allowed foods, which today was vegetables. I had three bowls of soup, one for each meal. And now I’m wondering, is there a possibility that this will instead, make me put on more weight?

The good thing is that I purged my system three times today. Wheeeee! I love it when I do that. The bad side effect is the flatulence. Although admittedly, it wasn’t that bad today. I am also feeling a little less energetic, which is odd really, since I am eating up a storm. I may have to reconsider staying on this diet because of the massive amounts of work ahead of me the next few days. I cannot deal with a lack of energy.

So I’m going to see what happens tomorrow. No diet is worth feeling crappy over.

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