the cabbage diet – day #1

I woke up hungry.

And promptly ate two apples, which was all the fruit I brought out with me.

Today was the start of the diet and I had two containers of the soup prepared for my lunch and dinner out. The soup was good (I added cloves of garlic, increased the number of tomatoes and added tobasco… is that allowed?) and while I ate it, I was so satisfied. I shared some of the soup with Kitty and she said, ‘Oh my! It’s so good! I’d eat this even if I wasn’t on a diet! Could I have the recipe?’

I did drink coffee (black with sweetener) and like I initially guessed, I am gassy. I have farted (sorry!) no less than 10 times in a row since I left my friends. Interesting fact: I cannot pass gas in front of others. I simply can’t. So in my private walking moments, I was propelled forward by my gas explosions. They were odorless (thank god!) but I can’t help wonder, is this a side effect to the diet?

‘I tried the diet too,’ Kitty told me, ‘but I barely lost any weight. Maybe 4 lbs?’ Now that discouraged me a little. She’s on the South Beach Diet and has since lost a good 16 lbs. I don’t have the discipline for something like that. I want my diets to be a hit and run thing because darn it, I love my food.

So tomorrow is vegetables, no fruit. I’m not sure how I’ll get through.



One thought on “the cabbage diet – day #1

  1. Though i consider myself considerably vain.. i simply cannot stomach (haha! catch the pun?? ;P) the idea of drinking cabbage soup all day long. Salutes to both you and kitty for being SO BOLD! :DDD P.S i would like to have the receipe too

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