People assumed they were in a band because they looked good together.

That was the reason why Butch Walker, along with Darren & Michael finally decided to start something and in 3 days, recorded Maya. The band is still under the pop culture radar but darn it, they are good. They are easily digestible rock/pop music made better with soaring melodies and really, take a listen for yourself, the songs are written with finesse. Songwriting is an art form that is sorely missing from a lot of chart toppers today.

Butch Walker has written songs for Avril Lavigne, Family Force 5, Bowling for Soup, Pink, Simple Plan, Sevendust, Injected, The Donnas, Hot Hot Heat, American Hi-Fi, Puffy AmiYumi, Default, Midtown, Gob, Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, The Academy Is… and The Cab. The list goes on for too long.

While there are moments in his solo albums that I feel are a tad indulgent, here with 1969, the artistry is tempered by the other band members’ input. Add to that the fact that Walker can sing… you got a winning band which had the problem of well, sounding like a lot of other bands out there. The only difference is that they are better.

When you wake up to the sound
Of a thousand voices around
Can you hear the rattle of words
That only takes a heart to be heard

– Save A Place (which was featured in an episode of One Tree Hill)

Download these two tracks, listen… then go out and get the album.

All Talk No Action

Save A Place

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