the eve of all things cabbage

I ate too much.

Soy milk & pancakes.
Salad, Enchiladas, brownies, coffee.
Mushroom risotto, vegetable chowder.

Maybe it’s my body rebelling against the onslaught of cabbage it’s anticipating, I have no idea. But it happens each time I just think about dieting. My body immediately gets hungry and I crave things I normally wouldn’t.


So I went out and got the stuff needed for the soup tomorrow. Everything is in place. Tomorrow’s diet is cabbage soup and fruits (namely apples; they’re easier to lug around). Let’s see how that goes.

Funny thing that happened today was the trip I took to the gym. I didn’t go there to exercise, I was merely checking the place out and when I returned, I found out that at least 4 others have been planning to sign up too.

Fat season for everyone?

Let’s just hope that the gym decides to give us a group discount.

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