magnetic morning


First off, I love the band’s name: Magnetic Morning. Thank god they changed it from The Setting Suns (another band had already taken that name).

It all began when Swervedriver’s singer/guitarist Adam Franklin met Interpol’s drummer Sam Fogarino over dinner (ah, never underestimate that meal!) and deciding to start on this side project, Fogarino sifted through more potential collaborators but found it hard as all he got were prima donnas.

“It is hard working with people that have the ability to write their own songs because in the end that is what they want to do. I would get started with people and then it would fall apart.” – Sam Fogarino

Good thing then that the search ended with their current lineup: Album Leaf’s Jimmy Lavelle on keys (another band to check out), Josh Stoddard on bass and Blasco on guitar. They’ve sinced birthed an EP (The Setting Suns EP, 2007) and AM (2008), a great woozy, dreamy rock album filled with sounds akin to the Swervedriver of the past, except with a stronger, deeper groove filled with a hunger for something greater.

Take for instance, At A Crossroads, Passive. The song builds slowly, wrapping you up in its psychedelic journey, taking you to a place you know you were curious to explore but don’t quite know what to do with it, once you’re there.

To me it’s something about walking further and further beyond where you or anyone else has gone before, a bit like one of those driving video games where instead of sticking to the track you head off through the fields and woods to the very perimeter of what’s there. The noisy middle section is definitely the journey deep into alien terrain and I think I can hear some dinosaurs off in the distance… – Adam Franklin (quoted from Stereogum)

If you’re looking for an emotionally wretched display of vocals, you’ll find it missing here. I like the detachment though. It makes it feel like you would when you’re having a conversation with someone who’s been through something, and is retelling it for your benefit, not sympathy.

Still, judge for yourself.

At A Crossroads, Passive

No Direction

The Wrong Turning

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