i’ve seen them live


Not in order of brilliance but I thought it’d be interesting to list the number of acts I’ve seen live. Many thanks to the Husband for jogging my memory. Here they are…

1. Coldplay
2. Beastie Boys
3. Suede
4. Sonicflood
5. The Whitest Boy Alive
6. Mono (the Japanese band)
7. Explosions In The Sky
8. Sonic Youth
9. Massive Attack
10. The Cinematic Orchestra
11. Galliano
12. Mystery Jets
13. Robbie Williams
14. Corduroy
15. Foo Fighters
16. Manic Street Preachers
17. Kaiser Chiefs
18. Stars
19. Motley Crue
20. Adrian Sherwood
21. 808 State
22. The Rolling Stones
23. Bjork (twice)
24. Garbage
25. Erasure
26. Asian Dub Foundation
27. Jurassic 5
28. Van She
29. Coldcut
30. Cut Copy
31. Oasis
32. Paul Oakenfold
33. Jewel
34. The African Children’s Choir
35. David Helfgott
36. Smashing Pumpkins
37. Primal Scream

I know that I’ve missed out a few acts (I just can’t remember right now…) but there it is, my skinny list. Hope there’ll be more in 2009.


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