I’ve been told it sounds like Damien Rice produced by the Neptunes, or an acoustic Nine Inch Nails, or Beck meets Buckley meets Björk. I’m not sure any of those is right. I guess I’d just say it’s left-of-centre pop music inspired by all the big themes in my life and all the music I’ve been into. It’s been a huge and often frustrating journey to get me here. – Yoav

And it’s been worth it. Every single song in his album Charmed and Strange (2008) can stand on it’s own. What’s marvelous about this Israeli South-African chap though, is knowing that he can reproduce what you hear on the album in a live situation. Take a look at the youtube videos for proof of that fact. He soundtracked most of my long train rides and while I’m a sucker for music that sets the mood, Yoav Sadan gives you more than music that sounds good. His songs have great depth.

So if you like your music sparse, rhythmic and lyrically rich with an under-current of anger, explore this artist. Because he’ll make it worth your time.

Beautiful Lie

Club Thing


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