what is a condron?

I just had to try this out.

For the longest time ever, I never knew how people managed to find blog sites of interest to read. I tried googling interest topics but the search results were too far and wide, and it was often that I ended up visiting a blog site I wasn’t thoroughly compelled to read. Then a friend told me about condron.

It’s a blog surfing website, and it operates a little like how you would channel surf programs on the telly. Each blog site flashes on screen for a few seconds during which you either blank out or hit the pause button to read on. I actually found several good reads which I immediately bookmarked for future reference.

Go check it out for yourself.


Another similar website created by a certain bored individual in his 20s can be found at http://alphainventions.com. A proper write-up on how such blog surfing sites work can be read here. It started out as an experiment, took him three months to code it and now, is a place I return to quite regularly if I have a little time to spare and am looking for something fresh to read.

Thank god for these people. They do the mundane with great passion. While I kick back, relax and blog surf. Woohoo!


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