the techno-imbecilic

‘Oh no! Oh no!’ Emogirl cried out as she typed out an urgent email for me. ‘Why do all these funny signs appear when I type? What happened to the alphabets?’

‘Erm… maybe it’s because your font is set to Wingdings…’ Kitty replied.


‘We’ve lost all the emails!’ another cried, checking our gmail account. ‘Where did they all go?’

‘Have you checked the All Mails folder?’ I asked.

‘Oh… right.’


It was taking SoftSpeaker a really long time to complete the database. When I leaned over to ask her something, I noticed her cutting and pasting loads of information every single time a new entry was made. She was manually alphabetizing the database.

‘Babe, did you know that there’s a sort button in Excel?’ I asked.


‘It’s happening again! Why me!’ another wailed as she shut down her computer, only to re-start it several seconds later.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked.

‘It happens sometimes when I’m in Word. The things I type start to over-write the previous statement. So I can’t do anything but shut down the computer because when it’s re-started, it’s okay. I think this computer needs to get fixed.’

‘Or maybe… you could just press the Insert button?’ I suggested.


And then there’s me. The girl who managed to lose her System Preference file from her new Macbook.


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